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Summer is Here!Oh my goodness! June is half over! The 4th of July is just 2 weeks away! Before you know it school will be starting!


Summer is my absolute favorite season! I love it hot! I have a pool in my backyard and spend every minute I can in it, so when I start hearing those “Summer is almost over” mantras I just have to put an end to it.  Summer just got here, we haven’t even felt sweltering yet, the kids aren’t bored yet and my garden isn’t even producing yet…..quit wishing my Summer away!

But I regress……how are you going to keep all those awesome fitness gains you have made since the new year up in the summer? Or maybe you meant to get started at the gym but never really made it, now what?

Get in the gym!

First things first……you keep those gains by continuing to get to the gym! No whining that it’s too nice out. The more emotional time you spend lamenting that it’s too nice the longer this is going to take! While you are sitting in the pool, plan your workouts, make them efficient and schedule them in the calendar.  Maybe you decide Summer is not the time to do 90 minute muscle building workouts, rather 30 quick and efficient minutes then back to the pool. Awesome! Just get it in! To double the bang for your time make it a “lift weights faster” kind of workout.

“Lift Weights Faster” workout

**lift as heavy as you can, no pacing (go as fast as you can with impeccable form) and no resting until you really, really have to

quick warm up….big functional movement…

Ball Slams, 30 reps

lateral lunges. 10 ea side

push ups

glute bridges

30 seconds of quick feet

repeat 3 rounds

dumbbell squat and overhead press

alternating reverse lunges

twisted plank

clams and reverse clams

30 seconds jump squats

3 rounds

jumping jacks

sumo squats

divebomb push ups

side planks with leg raise

30 seconds kettlebell swings

3 rounds

Get your workout outside!

That pool? Use it! Hanging with your kids at the park? Use it! Bike? Use it! Walking? Use it!


tread water 30 seconds

jump squats

lateral lunges

walk in a circle several laps, reverse against the current

fast and furious flutter kicks while hanging on to the side


lunge around the perimeter

swing across the monkey bars

do some pull-ups (not quite there yet? Do some reverse pullups)

race with your kids


Find a hilly trail or

do speed intervals or

pick harder and then easier gears


Add some lunges or squats every 60 seconds

Drop and do some pushups

speed up for the next block

carry some hand weights and add some bicep curls (NEVER add ankle weights to a walk though as it not only affects your balance but it loosens up the ligaments of your knees and ankles causing some big issues!)

but most of all

Enjoy the Summer!

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