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Only cooking for 1 (or 2)?! You lucky duck. Part 1

Add beauty to every table, especially yours
Add beauty to every table, especially yours

Ok this has been coming up for a while but recently it has been driving me crazy! I meet with a new gym member or training client, they are all excited to exercise but when I start talking about food I hear, “I don’t know how to cook for just 1” or “it’s just so much work to only cook for 2”. “Seems like a waste of time to cook for just me”. “It’s just not worth it”.

S. T. O. P.
Do you hear yourselves?

I don’t know how?!
It’s like this, take your favorite hot dish recipe for 4, if you are cooking for 2 you just divide everything in half! You get to use a smaller pan! Less hamburger! Maybe keep the same amount of green beans (I’m all for veggies) and cook…..just like before. Not a hot dish fan? Prefer steak and baked potatoes? Step one, only purchase 1 steak and 1 potato per person….cook as you did when the kids were home!

It’s so much work to cook for just the 2 of us.
Again, seriously? There are fewer of you. That’s less salads to toss, burgers to flip and fewer favorites to remember! And fewer dishes! Face it, you brainwashed yourself when the kids were around, remember saying, “it’s the same as cooking for 2, we just add another burger”? Now you get to say, “it’s easier than when the kids were here, I get to cook only my faves!”

It seems like a waste of time only cooking for 2 (or 1).
Since when are you a waste of time? Is cleaning a waste of time? Doing the laundry? Bathing? NO! It’s just easier because there are fewer people to pick up after or do laundry for and as far as bathing goes, something’s you just have to do for you. Cooking included.

It’s not worth it.
Huge pet peeve. Cooking isn’t worth it? So are you giving up eating? Life ends quick there.
Or the work isn’t worth it? See above.
Or YOU are not worth it? Let’s ask your kids, spouse or a friend about that. Would you deny your kids a home cooked meal? Then why deny yourself, do you not deserve the same consideration as they do? Or the same nutrition derived from cooking at home? What makes you think that because it’s just you, you get to eat pop tarts over the sink? Would you have ever let your kids do that? Here is your public service reminder….you are important. You deserve the best. And at this stage of the game of life you can afford a little better cut of meat, a fresher vegetable and the most divine dessert…..and flowers for the table…..that’s set with the good china…..on a Tuesday… August……for no reason at all except that YOU deserve it.

Stay tuned next time for ideas on how to not feel so guilty just cooking for you…..

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