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It’s just not worth cooking for 2 of us (or just me) part 2

Get together with friends each week
Get together with friends each week

So if you read part 1 you know I think this is just bulls*+%! And if you still think this is valid go back and reread part 1 now.

That being said, I do understand maximizing your time in the kitchen. Now that the kids are gone I have tons of fun things I would rather do than spend time in the kitchen….but cooking for myself is so worth it…..I want to review that first.

Cooking for myself is worth it!
First, because I no longer have to put on a good face so the kids will eat something I really do not like. I cook only MY favorites! Brussels sprouts several times a week, fish done every way I can think of and sometimes I just eat veggies! (Gasp!)
Second, I get to use the China everyday! That stuff was expensive, especially to only use a couple times a year!
Third, if I want to eat a little early to make it to book club, I can…..a little late because of an after work happy hour, I can. No one else’s schedule to consider!

But back to maximizing your time.
If you just can’t dig into the fact you are worth it yet then here are some max solutions to try.

Cook for a family but freeze the leftovers in single serving sizes for future suppers when you are on the run or when you are too tired to cook.Leftovers for book club night

Cook enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow, a financial savings over eating out and a calorie savings because you still know what’s really in there.

Cook for the neighbor who is also an empty nester. Karma can be good too. Who knows, you two may just become great friends!

Trade cooking with your best friend. Pick a night, say Tuesday. One week you cook for her at your place and the next Tuesday she cooks for you at her place. Now you have a reason to clean, use the good silverware and not worry about only cooking for yourself. And next week you may get to try something you’ve never had before, no decisions, no clean up and no expense. While you are at it, cook enough for each of you to take serving for lunch tomorrow! Wow, you don’t even have to remember to half the recipe now!

And if you could figure out how to get four or five people to do this you are set! Imagine, tonight I cook for Jayne, tomorrow Bonnie is cooking for me and on Wednesday Mary’s treat, Thursday I cook for Rich and Friday I cook for Thia….next week we flip roles and I am guaranteed to not get tired of cooking or of any one food soon!

That leads to another idea……a dinner party weekly! Fun, friendships and cooking for a crowd!

Hot dish exchange!?
Hot dish exchange!?

Or, you’ve heard about cookie exchanges at the holidays……why not supper exchanges? 5 of you (or whatever) cook one hot dish, or even just a meat/starch/veggie meal times 5, put them in those single serve dishes, meet at an awesome gym class weekly and trade!!

Or do a salad set up party…..bring your own mason jars and leafies and an ingredient or two to share and poof! A variety of salads for the week!

Or, this is boring but, hire a chef.

Just a reminder
Got another idea? Shoot me an email, we can all benefit from more ideas!

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