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You have permission.

You have permission.
You have permission.

“What!? I’m a grown adult, I don’t need your permission.”

Well guess what, maybe you do.

Have you ever changed something that you have been doing so long that no one around you takes you seriously? Or you are met with a ton of resistance so you go back to whatever you were doing before?

An example or two…..

I was maybe 8 when my mom decided we would switch from 2% milk


to skim. Wow. I remember massive upset in the house. Or when we switched from white bread to wheat! I’m surprised we really did that now……my mom listened to a lot of complaining from me, my sister and dad.

Move it!
Move it!

Fast forward a “few” years when I started taking walks at break time instead of sitting down with everyone to a soda and candy bar. First there were questions, then there was mocking, then bitching when I wasn’t there. And then there was people asking to come with me. Persistence.

A few more years……I want to join a gym……oi! First we can’t afford it, then only if we go together. Then I just got my own membership.

Fast forward… new love does all the cooking, lots of sauces on everything……when I ask for sauce free and more green veggies I was met with….no……if you don’t like it cook yourself…….fine I’ll put the sauce only on mine…….make your own green veggies though…..and now we have almost completely different supper meals, but he cooks it all, sauce free and with green veggies.

You’ve always done it this way, why are you changing now?!

IT. DOESN’T. MATTER. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. If you need permission, I give it to you now.

The first time my mom told me that “no” was a complete sentence I was in shock. Was she sure? I didn’t need to explain and justify to my 2 year olds? Really?! And then liberation! Thank you, Mom!

When a good friend told me it was ok to change my mind, I wept for joy in her office. Did I inherently know I could change my mind? Maybe, but once she gave me permission I was able to let go of the guilt and reluctance and it felt great!

And now, I want to pass that on to you. What do you want to start? Do differently? Do you want to become a white wine drinker instead of red? Great, you have permission. Want to take up cycling even though you haven’t owned a bike since that accident in ’91? Granted. Start lifting weights even though you are 65? Bravo, permission granted.

Join a book club? Granted.

I'll be 3rd hut on the left, neighbor!
I’ll be 3rd hut on the left, neighbor!

Train for a 5k? Done.

Learn to Salsa? Permission granted.

Take a class on fixing cars? Granted.

Change jobs? Permission granted.

Move to an island in the Caribbean? Ok..ill meet you there!

You are right, you didn’t need me to give you permission… was in you all along…

It IS in you now!
It IS in you now!
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