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But it’s the holidays……

Get dressed, show up and “woman up”

So you’re busy. It’s “the holidays.” You’ve got a lot on your plate; work deadlines, cookies to make, gifts to buy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand You have to exercise and plan your meals!

Seriously I hate this line.
It is an excuse.
The holidays consist of a day or two….I’ll even give you 4; thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years Day.
Is it a busy time of year, sure, and so is the week of July 4th, Memorial Day week, Labor Day week, fishing opener, deer hunting and my birthday. Need more, lets consult the local bank schedule….Columbus Day, Presidents’ Day, your anniversary and birthday. Give it a rest!
Busy is what you make it. Priorities happen. If your health is a priority then that is what will get taken care of first…..first your meals are prepped and your exercise is planned, scheduled and done…THEN make cookies, shop for gifts….heck you probably got an inspired idea while exercising, then got online and ordered it, saving tons of time walking around the mall hoping for something to fall into your cart!
And honestly, now is just as good of a time to start exercising as any other time of the year, in fact it may be the best time as the gym is nearly empty due to the above excuses! You’ll have a 6 week head start on your New Years resolutions, know how to use the equipment, get your preferred time with the trainer AND not have gained the standard 8-10 pounds through the holidays! Win! Win! Win!
So cut the “reasoning”, put on your gym clothes and just show up. I promise you will feel better for it!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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