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Change where you shop, change your life. Reclaiming Radiance edition

Stuck in a rut? Tired of the same old same old for supper every week? Shampoo just not doing it for your hair anymore? Clothes just not looking right? Ready for a change but everywhere you go you see the same stuff that got you stuck?

Shop somewhere else.

That’s right, go to a store you’ve always wanted to try. You will see all kinds of new things. Remember when your favorite grocery store shifted everything around for no apparent reason, and all the sudden you had to slow down and really look up do down every aisle? Bet you bought more those first few trips. And saw products you didn’t even know existed. Why, because you were so programmed to go into the store, take a right and in aisle 3, one third of the way down the aisle on the middle shelf was the product you came in for….you didn’t even see the new section of coconut oils.

Meet the farmer!So if you are looking for a change in your life, it’s time to pick a new store. Groceries, why not check out a Trader Joe’s or Whole foods store? Or even better, the farmers market. I love the farmers market, so many veggies I’ve never heard of and the farmer is there to tell me about its flavor, how to best store it, how to cook it and when it was harvested! I may have even seen the product at my regular store but because I didn’t know how to cook or store it I passed on it. Who knows you may even find you love a style of cooking that you previously thought was going to be icky.

What about clothes? Did you know that there are lots of stores at your favorite mall? As you usually run past to your standard go to store you might be missing out. Uneasy about whether you “belong” in a store, ask a stylish friend to go shopping with you. Not only will she calm you down about even entering the stores, she’ll probably pick some things up on a rack you may not have dared, and then be there to tell you how great you look (or don’t) and poof! A new style is in the making. Who knows, your honey may even pay a compliment……nice!

While you are running through new stores keep an eye out for makeup counters, the ones that will give you a new look and teach you a new trick or two. Do they want to sell you a whole face full of makeup, of course but will they educate you just the same, YES! And you just may love that shade of eyeshadow that you would never have picked on your own…..who knew your eyes would pop that shade of blue!? And new techniques translate into a hipper you!

And what about your hair? If you aren’t naturally one to change your style, do you have a stylist that will bring things up or encourage you to try a new ‘do? I had one friend change her stylist when he started saying things like, ” this will look great on you, FOR YOUR AGE.” Who the heck gets to say that only people of a certain age get to sport a trendy style? I encourage you to think about it, be brave….it’s only hair and it will grow back if you hate it……but while you are waiting you may get so many compliment on your updated look that you wonder what took you so long in the first place.

While we are on the subject of new places….well, that’s another day… go get your groceries somewhere new.

Watch for the Reclaiming Radiance ebook due out the end of November…..yo may just find a great idea to tell your Santa about!

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