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How I prepare for the holiday feast

Nope….not a typical fitness post.

You’ve already read in a hundred different places; don’t go to the party hungry, bring a safe food, drink water, desserts or alcohol, exercise the calories away, get away from the table, be the social butterfly, use the small plates, survey the buffet first & only take your true favorites….and on and on and on and on.

My take?
It’s one meal, one day, one occasion.
Eat what you love.
But don’t eat out of obligation. Obligation to tradition, obligation to try everything, obligation to eat what you hate.

So how do I approach thanksgiving dinner?

Regular breakfast
Regular breakfast

I eat my regular breakfast. I don’t starve myself in the morning so I can gorge later. Why gorge, it’s so uncomfortable. My pants get tight, my shirt buttons pull funny and then I get all self conscious about how I look.

Clothes to tight....grrrrr
Clothes to tight….grrrrr

I do start with veggies and I remember that there’s a lot of food coming up, no need to fill up on apps.
I skip the buns….I don’t eat bread any other day, why should I eat it on the holiday….in fact when we host we request no one bring bread, people fill up on the other stuff anyway.
I keep up my water intake….just like every other day. If I want some alcohol I make sure to alternate with water….or sometimes I don’t. (I don’t like hangovers though so I keep up water)
I pick my faves, why should I eat stuff I don’t like?! I do love stuffing and fancy sweet potatoes with maple and apples, and deviled eggs…love! Pecan pie….I might even have 2!
I do exercise……but I exercise every day. I don’t spend extra hours “punishing” myself, I just do my regular workout so I feel normal. I encourage you to just stick to your regular exercise schedule.
And after the big holiday meal when we all get sleepy…..some of us take a walk. A stroll really. It’s not a power workout, it’s getting out and chatting, not napping in front of the game.

Was I always this way?
Heck no! Quite the opposite in fact.
So how did I change? Like most things I do now days….I wrote what I wanted. I get out my journal and write out exactly what I want the holiday to look like, taste like, smell like, and feel like.
Here’s an example….written pre holiday
I am so happy how the holiday went. I got up at my regular time, ate my regular shake and headed off to workout just like alway, I knew w there will be a lot of sitting around playing cards later so best get it in now. I didn’t go crazy like I saw some others do, I just did my regular stuff. Drank water.
When I got home I knew it would be a while before the festivities started so I ate a plate of veggies.
Once everyone got there the house really started smelling great and since then wasn’t starving it was so easy to not pick pick pick at the cheese, crackers and dips.
At dinner I did have some wine but kept drinking water too. The turkey was so moist, the gravy perfect over the wild rice stuffing. The maple Apple sweet potato was my favorite again, doubled up on that skipping the regular mashed potatoes. Tons of green beans were awesome with the bacon. And dessert….I had 2 pieces of pecan pie. Yum!
Once the dishes were done my sister, daughters and I headed off for a walk, not far, not fast just catching up on the last few weeks. Then back in time for the family card game! I feel great!

Family cards!
Family cards!
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