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Planning your vacation!

I am soooooooooo excited! We are heading out for our annual two week vacation to the Caribbean!

While my bags aren’t packed (yet) I have an extensive list of what to bring (multiple swimsuits, throw away books, sunscreen….), what not to bring (strappy shoes, long pants….) and what needs to get accomplished before we go (you know, tell the bank you are going international so they don’t shut your credit card off mid vacation, stop the mail….) there is still a very important part to vacation prep work….. scouting the hotel fitness center and visualization of your healthy habits while on vacation.

So first of all, we book out hotel (or ship when cruising) based on the fitness center. Is there one!? What is in it? Never rely on the pictures! I can’t tell you how often it looks like there is a full gym only to find a stationary bike from 1980 and a broken elliptical beside a “rack” of dumbbells ranging from 3-8 pounds! I now call the hotel and ask specifically what equipment is in their on site facility. Sometimes they have arrangements with a nearby gym instead, I call them too.

Next, I pre-plan my workouts… could ask your trainer to do this for you before you go or I let my clients call me when they get there or text me pictures. YES, I do pre plan the work….what you plan gets done.

Schedule it! If it’s a work trip you are on a schedule anyway, just add in your workouts as if you were at home. Get it done early in the day, you know even if there’s nothing scheduled after the final meeting there’s going to be a “meeting after the meeting”…. Get up early and do it before breakfast.

Finally, I visualize and journal my vacation. Yes, for real. I see myself ordering room service coffee, sitting out on the balcony meditating. Then heading to breakfast where I will skip the stale doughnuts and get extra bacon with my eggs. After breakfast the hubby and I will stroll around the poolside track for 1-1 1/2 miles followed by a rousing game of cribbage! As he heads out to the casino, I will go up to the fitness center (this year there is a boxing ring!!) some years I hire a trainer just to see what they have for me and it’s like a challenge for them to try to kill another trainer…..I’m a little more careful about revealing that these last couple of trips😐. A couple of hours by the pool before lunch. At lunch I load up on the biggest most awesome salad I can dream up (all the things they have chopped and ready…..heaven!) again, skip the bread. After lunch is pool time….and yes that does include alcohol for me. And I alternate water between drinks, skip the frozen, calorie laden fruity drinks opting for a whiskey water usually. And more water please. Supper starts with drinks (whiskey again), skip the stale bread, a veggie soup and salad to start then awesome protein based meal with extra veggies….trust me, if they’re on the menu with another entrée they will still bring it for you and I do have dessert….this year I am trying out the 3 bite rule (eat dessert every night but only 3 bites, send it away after that….and as a good friend explained, does any bite after 3 taste as good as the first bite?). After dinner is casino time and more whisky….still alternating with water! Then off to the club for dancing! Drinking! water! And off to bed, making sure to order the next day’s room service coffee.

Yep I have been thinking about it for awhile. Tell me you don’t think about your vacation…what to bring, wear and what excursions to go on? So why not also take this time to remember your health and plan that? And by journaling it, scheduling it and visualizing it when I get there I just do it because that’s what I have thought about.

Bon voyage!

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