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My Transformation Story, part 3, Starting over Single

Moved out. Found a gym. Didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Did my free session with a trainer, got a nutrition menu (still have it… I have evolved)

Good news, I only eat what’s on the menu because I’m too broke to buy anything additional. Great news, there’s a daycare at the gym and my girls love going…..even better we live close enough to walk! And all spare time is spent working…..where I get to walk laps on my breaks! And since I’m on the late night shift I am able to climb the escalators (going the wrong way…..awesome stair climber). More good news….I only had to cook what I liked, not different meals for other people.

Only clink in the chain….nasty divorce causing tons of stress and outside “stuff”. Guess we can’t have it all but this was a good time in my physical world.

Met someone, moved across town. Had to find a new gym… changing pivotal moment ahead.

Single again