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My Transformation Story, part 4…Life Changer

I asked the trainer at the old gym for a recommendation of a new gym. He looked at me a minute and said, “you don’t strike me as a Bally’s girl, there’s a Powerhouse Gym in that area, check that out.”

I did. Muscle gym. And they were relocating so I was put off for a few days/weeks. Then it was a big start up fee. But I just got my first credit card as a single…..I hired the trainer too!

He was a “lift heavy and go home” kind of trainer. The weights he was telling me to pick up…..well I thought he was CRAZY!

OMG! I was transforming! My butt was getting smaller, my back bigger and I was lifting some serious pounds!

One day he asked if I’d ever thought of doing a bodybuilding show. I shyly admitted that it truly was something I’d always wanted to do. POOF! I hired a diet coach, mixed up the style of lifting I was doing, added posing appointments (this is a serious thing), bought a suit…….I took second in my weight class…….an awesome experience that I shall never repeat. (It’s a long story and the Aha’s as to why don’t happen for a few years yet)

Gained back a lot of weight…..hey I got down to 120#……15 wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme.

The trainer was also the gym owner, he asked if I wanted to be his new female trainer……YES! A dream come true!

Next time….I’m fitness professional now!

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