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My Transformation Journey….Part 2, Adding Exercise

Turns out I was able to walk those 2 laps around the airport during my break.

And most days after that whenever I had a break I would walk anywhere from 2-4 laps.

Step 2, eat better. I got a book…..wish I still had it so I could see my journey even more but I leant it out and didn’t get it back. “Strong women stay slim” by dr Miriam Nelson. There was a pasta dish with a creamy sauce and veggies…..yum. (Not where I am now but sure was a massive improvement from Mac-n-cheese and hotdogs.). I measured my water glasses and kept a notebook by the sink to check off how many glasses I’d had every day.

I began packing my lunch for work, lots of veggies, tacos, soups……so many little containers, some days it was overwhelming.

Dr Miriam also said I had to lift weights. I hadn’t lifted weights since college, and even then we are talking freshman year. Well, I had twin toddlers and couldn’t get to a gym and they would not leave me alone long enough to do the 8 exercises. So I bought them each a pink pair of 1# dumbbells and we all “gettin’ stronger” together! I lifted when they were outside playing too, just took the weights outside with me. When I decided to join a gym there was another hurdle. Their Dad (the hubs at the time) wanted me to wait until he came home so we could go together. Great theory. Problem was I was a morning exerciser and he didn’t get home until after 3. And when I waited he would guaranteed come home too tired to go to the gym, and I was no longer internally motivated, another day lost.

Little pink Dumbbells

Well, I was getting results. But not everyone thought it was great…..

Lost the hubs at that point

Tune in next time for “starting over single.”

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