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My Transformation story. Part 5… I’m a fitness professional now!

Weird stuff.
Had to figure out my style.
Had to figure out if I could make a living at this.
I got hurt at the airport. Not a kinda, sorta hurt…..the kind that puts you on workmans comp for a long time.
I got further training in the fitness world, picked up quite a few specialties while I was on the mend.
Had to leave the safety and security of a steady check from the airport and fly!

Plot twist!
Plot twist!

Plot twist! I became a Bally’s Girl! I learned a ton in that big box gym. Until the whole, “I can make more on my own” bug hit.
Floundered around a bit.
Did well enough training and as far as my personal lifting, I came back to win a deadlift competition, 325#……it’s a lot for a 130# girl.
Life changing rainy bike rideTook up bike riding one summer, some freak storm came up and I stopped at a small coffee shop, put my card up and next thing you know I’m working at a small new franchise, been there ever since.
During this time I took my first “food as medicine” class. Time to give away all black shirts & dye my hair blonde!I’d struggled always with acne and more recently with horrible, terrible dandruff (the kind that you start not wearing black shirts for and even dye your hair platinum so you can’t see the flakes)
It was during this class that I took a “symptoms” questionnaire.
Itchy ears is a symptom of a food allergy!?
So are dark under eye circles?!
And the nagging phlegm in my throat!?
AND dandruff!!!
We were each given homework to examine our diets and compare with a common list of allergens. In less than 12 weeks my face had cleared back to smoothe as when I was 8; bright eyes and most amazingly, NO dandruff.

(check out the health survey  here to see what hidden symptoms you may have)
My training took on a new layer after this… time, Perimenapause, hormones and clean eating!