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Vacation Recap, what worked, what didn’t

Vacation recap

Oops! I’ve been back now for 2 weeks and people are asking how my prep all ended up… here’s the recap.

So here is a blurb from the prep blog:

Finally, I visualize and journal my vacation. Yes, for real. I see myself ordering room service coffee, sitting out on the balcony meditating. Then heading to breakfast where I will skip the stale doughnuts and get extra bacon with my eggs. After breakfast the hubby and I will stroll around the poolside track for 1-1 1/2 miles followed by a rousing game of cribbage! As he heads out to the casino, I will go up to the fitness center (this year there is a boxing ring!!) some years I hire a trainer just to see what they have for me and it’s like a challenge for them to try to kill another trainer…..I’m a little more careful about revealing that these last couple of trips😐. A couple of hours by the pool before lunch. At lunch I load up on the biggest most awesome salad I can dream up (all the things they have chopped and ready…..heaven!) again, skip the bread. After lunch is pool time….and yes that does include alcohol for me. And I alternate water between drinks, skip the frozen, calorie laden fruity drinks opting for a whiskey water usually. And more water please. Supper starts with drinks (whiskey again), skip the stale bread, a veggie soup and salad to start then awesome protein based meal with extra veggies….trust me, if they’re on the menu with another entrée they will still bring it for you and I do have dessert….this year I am trying out the 3 bite rule (eat dessert every night but only 3 bites, send it away after that….and as a good friend explained, does any bite after 3 taste as good as the first bite?). After dinner is casino time and more whisky….still alternating with water! Then off to the club for dancing! Drinking! water! And off to bed, making sure to order the next day’s room service coffee.
I did really close!
Coffee room service daily✅

Room service, journaling and meditation
Room service, journaling and meditation

Meditation ✅
Breakfast, no pre meal bread✅
Pool side post breakfast stroll, we got a mile in every day✅
Cribbage…..not so much😐
Boxing ring or hire trainer……nope🙅🏼
Huge salad lunch, yes, yes, yes✅
Alternate alcohol and water…..yeah, you betcha, most definitely ✅✅

Every drink order, "...and water"
Every drink order, “…and water”

Whiskey to start the supper✅
Skip supper bread✅……was a thinker the first few nights but once they know you don’t want bread, they don’t offer it too quickly!
Extra veggies, yes aaaaaaaaaand, well most nights😐😘
3 bites of dessert…..I started out great😊 but some were just too good
Casino, whiskey, water✅✅✅
Clubbing, nope, no club on the ship, it had been recently renovated, bummer, early to bed

Man, he is a hottie!
Man, he is a hottie!

Did I gain weight, yep. Did I have a plan in place when I got home, yep. Am I melting, sure, but no faster than any other time, but I’m on the track I want to be on.

So there you have it.