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When does your choice matter?

Butterfly effect
Small choices....matter
Small choices….matter

I’ve been hanging out with a lot of the over 65 crowd lately and questioning at what point does it matter? I hear my seniors say, “you’re so lucky you can still eat whatever you want” or “it was all good until I turned 45.” And I wonder, was it really all good? Could they really eat all they wanted? And why do we have to reach some magical stage where now everything matters? Is it that now everything matters or that we’ve abused the body system to its breaking point so now we have to fix it? And what if we would have made those wiser choices all along?

There are far fewer examples of older people who started making wise decisions earlier in their lives, not because of an awful tragedy but because it felt better. And then people wonder aloud if these people just had good genes? Maybe they never would have gotten sick even if they had let loose more often if they were younger….funny the opposite question is never posed to the sickly, what if you had eaten better at 20?

So I ask you, when will your decisions about your health matter?

Does it matter that you have a glass of wine every night? Or a nightcap before bed? Does it matter if you smoke cigars in the trendy cigar bars? Does eating a huge salad every day matter? What about always being sure to drink 3 liters of water every single day? What are the odds that 3 hours of tv nightly will have the same effect as an hour in the gym doing weights and cardio each night?

And again, WHEN does it matter?

Does it matter at 100 when you can still do your own errands? Or 80 after the third bout of cancer? How about 65 as you retire and realize you don’t have the ability to hike and travel like you’ve been planning all your life? Does it matter at 40 something as hormones run amuck take control of your waistline? Or maybe in your 30s as you are setting a good example for small children…..or struggling to get pregnant? Do your decisions matter at 20 when instead of eating the college salads and veggies you choose ramen and fruit loops? At 10 when the children are obese due to shortened play time and excessive screen time? Or does that happen earlier?

And is it too late to change now?

Geez I made it to 100, let me enjoy my vices. I’m 80, I can’t live forever, I gotta die of something. This is just what 65 looks like, I’m slowing down. Hormones! I’m 40 I should have seen it coming. I let my biological clock go to long, it’s tougher to get pregnant in your 30s…….


Screen time already?
Screen time already?

Maybe we granted too much screen time to our 6 year old because we were too physically tired to play in our 40s. So what!? Everyone can try a new veggie together and then go out on a bike ride after dinner.
Maybe we are recognizing our waistlines growing…do you have to sit and watch it expand doing what you’ve always done? Or can you start one veggie at a time? One dumbbell at a time? And be the spark of inspiration to your friends that 50 doesn’t have to be frumpy. And then at 65 you can still travel easily, seeing the world you’ve been saving all these years.
Or you hit 65 unready to travel, do you surf the world by recliner or

Be there or only from your chair?
Be there or only from your chair?

hire a personal trainer to make sure you do things so you don’t get hurt and introduce you to new ideas, new ways of cooking?

When does it matter?
It’s already too late.
It’s never too late to start.
Start again.

Choices. I believe they always matter….like the butterfly shifting the winds, the smallest change can make all the difference.

Maybe today I can’t stop smoking, drinking and tv surfing, eating only raw organic veggies and running an hour followed by a vigorous lifting schedule. But today you can walk to the end of the block and have a glass of water, smoke one less cigar, watch one less tv show and eat a carrot.

Build on it. Everyday. From where you are.

Yours in health,
Denise WP

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