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How do you know when to detox?
Struggles & wins

I am doing a 21+7 day detox this month, I am on day 19 today. With the encouragement of my naturopathic chiropractor I am recording my progress, my struggles and my wins. I didn’t know if I wanted to be so vulnerable as to share with you for a while so I just recorded my progress pics and daily notes, then quite honestly I decided to share because I remember the first detox I did and I thought I was going to die!

After about 10 days I started going back and editing the videos. Know what I found? That as hard as I think today is, yesterday actually had some big struggles AND I made it through and didn’t even remember the struggles from a few days prior. For example, day 6 I had a killer headache….I hadn’t expected it until I gave up coffee so I was baffled, unprepared and surprised. I shared my pain and was glad I had because when I edited that video I had already forgotten that pain.

On day 10, caffeine free, I had expected just a little headache, instead I was way more sluggish than expected. I also didn’t really think I NEEDED caffeine….imagine my surprise with the sluggishness and headache….addictions are sneaky things. Did I slip up? Sure. I had 2 sips of coffee day 11.

The food part is easy
It is a whole lot of head game!

Know what else I discovered? A lot of this detox process is mental. A LOT. Sometimes I struggled with over indulging on foods not yet given up, you know, because I might NEVER get to eat it again….what an all or nothing attitude. The important part is that I recognized it for what it was. It didn’t keep me from binging early on but it made me aware that I was doing it.

I like TO GO TO Starbucks
I like TO GO TO Starbucks

Sometimes I struggled not with giving up the food itself but the activity associated with it. For example, coffee….I like TO GO TO Starbucks. I chat with the baristas, they know my name & I know theirs. I sit & read. I people watch.

Water over wine
Go prepared!

Other times I had to visualize going to an event without indulging….I couldn’t avoid attending a networking event or a girls night out, but I went prepared. Not hungry and fancy bottle of mineral water in hand (I found that fancy bottle to be a great wine shield and the bubbles curbed my desire for something with “flavor”). And I did fine. It also helped that I knew I was doing this video share. Accountability. Funny thing.

As the end of week 2 approached I had mixed feelings. I was seeing results. I had hurdled the caffeine addiction. My vision was clearing up (one of the major reasons I decided to give my adrenals a break). And I was “just” looking at giving up grain and dairy….not really tough for me since on a regular basis I don’t have either in my house. And toxins….whatever! I’ve already transferred so many out of my world already! NBD!

It was a lot of talking myself into one more week. And now as I sit near the end of 21 days I am questioning whether I want to do the +7 days on the end that are even more strict but I know they will really give my

Accountability is big
Thank YOU!

insides the break I started this for. (Did you see me talking myself into what a great idea this is)…it’s still a struggle. I have an anniversary party this weekend, maybe 21 days is enough? Maybe I can cheat just a little at the party? NO! C’MON DENISE THE FINISH LINE IS NEAR. HOLD STRONG. YOU CAN DO THIS. LOOK AT THE HEAD GAMES YOU’VE MADE IT THROUGH ALREADY! It’s nice of you to hold me accountable, thanks again.

One more struggle….re-entry back to the real world. It’s been on my mind quite a bit. In the past I end up eating a deep dish pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni! Oi! I added grains, dairy, meat with a side of beer or wine! Well, that’s for another day….

Thanks for checking in on me.

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