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I never thought of that! When you hear it?..

You never said it like that!
Why not try this?

So yesterday I was talking to my coach. We weren’t discussing anything we hadn’t already discussed before but all of the sudden I had a “lightbulb” moment. She had said that before. But wait…. The why, she had never said THAT part before. Had she?

Now it all made so much more sense. Why the desired results were being so elusive.

If I don’t ask, they will think I have no time.

And here I am thinking, of course I have time, why else would I be doing this if I didn’t have time?

And then I try to put what I am doing into another industry or situation to see if I would make the same assumptions that I am currently making if I was less familiar…..turns out I wouldn’t. I would think exactly what my coach just told me….they think I don’t have time for them.

Damn. Coaches. How do they see that stuff?

Of course lessons are a good thing!
Better learn the right way!

Another example, I’ve decided to start “playing golf”…..mostly I mean I’m going to start going to the driving range. A good friend is letting me use her old clubs this season. She asked me about taking lessons. I looked at her all crazy eyed, “why would I do that!?” A funny response from a personal trainer who thinks everyone should at least do a few sessions when new to a gym!

Her response, “rather to learn how to use the equipment correct from the start, of course!” Shoot! I think that’s what I say to new to exercise peeps, “make sure you’re doing it right, getting the most out of your time and make sure you don’t get hurt!”

Funny how that advice didn’t seem to apply to me learning golf.

So maybe I’m talking a little gibberish here. Let’s shine the light on diet and exercise. You’ve been reading fitness and diet magazines for years. In fact you’ve made a game of predicting each month’s headlines based on years of subscriptions. You “know” all you need to know to start a great, effective weight loss journey.

But why isn’t it working for you now that you are ready to start? Why are your results so elusive?

It is clear now!
That fateful chat!

And then you have that fateful conversation, maybe with a gym buddy, a friend or a personal trainer. And they point out a teeny little “why”and it’s like a bolt of lightening struck you to your core.

I never thought about it like that before!

I was talking to a long, long time client this morning. I know we’ve had this same conversation before. Inflammation…wine…cheese…knee pain. But today she looked at me with that questioning look on her face like I’ve grown a unicorn horn…..”huh, if only you had said that before…..”

Timing…..maybe the flow of the conversation was just that much different, maybe her knee hurt just that little bit more, maybe she’d read an article recently linking wine, cheese and pain together…..we may never know, but today she went home ready to try no cheese or wine for a while to see if her knee quit hurting.

Conversations and vulnerability. Never stop learning. Be open about what makes you tick, what makes you hurt and what makes you sing with joy and watch how the world answers you. Maybe results will come at you faster than you could have ever imagined in a way so easy you had overlooked it for years.

All you have to do is ask. And keep asking until that fateful moment….

You never said it like that!
And then it hits!
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