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Freedom of choice

When your choice affects someone else
When your choice affects someone else

Just got off the phone with a client who opened his garage door to head to our appointment only to discover that a total stranger had parked in his driveway, blocking him in. There is no room to back around and deal with this later. He is stuck where he stands until this unknown driver comes to get his car, or call the cops to have it towed.

What would you do….stand around and wait on someone else’s schedule or call the cops to get it moved asap?

An interesting metaphor for life.

You wake up one night realizing something is wrong. You don’t want to wake your spouse so you wait until morning when they wake up to tell them something is wrong and an ambulance is called. You had a stroke. Could have turned out a lot worse but this person is doing great now. OR….you are having a massive heart attack, ambulance was called after calling your nurse SIL, you managed to survive the night but life will not ever be the same.

How my choice affects you
How my choice affects you

What would you do….wait until morning for your spouse to wake up or get them up now…..this one is tough, my honey doesn’t get much sleep, this isn’t anything big probably, I’m fine just blowing it out of proportion. I don’t want the neighbors to see me hauled off in an ambulance. Don’t want my kids to to skip work to come to the hospital……yeah, all of that did go through these peoples heads, I was there.

Funny how a car blocking the start of my day gets an immediate reaction that I was wronged and this needs to be corrected right now but when my health (or LIFE as the case may be) has been interrupted we don’t want anyone to be inconvenienced or even know.

Freedom of choice. The car was someone else’s wrong but the health stuff…..I was the only one making decisions and I must have screwed it up.

In reality, the next choice on how to fix it is the same. One step at a time.
Call the cops… the ambulance
Find the owner……find the problem
Call a tow truck……get some meds pumping through the system
Move the car…….move the choices to a different level
Go to work…….go to work on your health

So what choices do you make now that you know with each cigarette you are choosing a shorter more painful life? What if it’s with each doughnut or with each drink or with each hour of television?

Are these questions of any less magnitude because we “know” cigarettes kill but doughnuts are food or tv is just relaxing and won’t actually KILL US?

Choose for your heart
Choose for your heart

Heads up….there are studies that prove sugar is killing us. Too much sitting is killing us. And that eating fruits and vegetables will support healing, growing and life. And that exercise strengthens our heart and blood vessels as well as keeping us strong enough to get to the bathroom ourselves or carry our groceries.

Want to know what your future looks like? What does your life look like right now? Are you taking care of the one body you were given to live in or are you abusing it daily and still thinking it will never catch up to you?

You have the freedom to choose.

One choice at a time.

Make your life better
Every moment is time for a new decision

Before I watch my favorite show I will go for a walk around the block. I will eat a bowl of raspberries before that candy bar…’s a start. Start where you are.

Ready to make a big change but don’t know where to start? Call me…we can talk about your past choices, where you want to be in the future and when you want to get there by. No judgement…I just want to help you make the choices that make your life worth living…..maybe that means keeping in your weekly bakery trip but walking there….maybe it means one glass of wine a week instead of daily….we can work with that.

Let’s get that car out of the driveway and get to work.