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Moderation….what is that, really!?

Do you ever read a line from a book and it just stops you, makes you go back and read it a couple more times and then just have to think about it?

Chronic inflammation
“What if moderation is killing you?”

I was reading, “The Virgin Diet” by JJ Virgin a few years ago and quite honestly had a couple of those moments.  First though you need to know that I literally avoided reading this book for months just because of the title, when I finally realized it was the authors last name I felt pretty silly. So she has 7 foods she calls out for their inflammatory properties…no problem there, I had definitely been on board with all of them.  But then she goes on to say, “you are what you eat ate.”

“You are what you eat ate.”

What a flashing light bulbs, sirens moment!  I understood that corn was bad for me personally and that when I ate corn my head began to itch and flake uncontrollably but what if the chicken whose egg I was eating ate corn instead of the bugs it prefers?  No wonder!  Just a month before I had been buying eggs straight from the farm and all had been going well until all of the sudden it wasn’t.  By chance on my next pick up the farmer mentioned supplementing with a grain feed…huh!  The corn the chicken ate was what was affecting me!

Silent killer

Yes! it was indeed a big moment!  While I had already reconciled that meat that had been given antibiotics and hormones was not something to eat I had not thought about what amounted to “food like substances” for the cow.  Cows were intended to eat grass, not corn! Chickens were intended to eat bugs, not corn!  Do you know why these animals are fed corn?  To fatten them up before they go to market.  What do you think corn is doing to you??

But I am a little left of where I was headed.  The other quote that hung me up, “Everything in moderation, but what if it’s moderation that is killing you?”

“…what if it’s moderation that’s killing you?”

You see, I hear that statement nearly everyday when I tell someone they need to give up one food or another and they aren’t really on board with it.  So instead of agreeing to give up a food completely I will get the response, “but everything in moderation, right?”

NO!  That’s not what I said.  You can do everything in moderation once you have completely removed it for over a week and then seen how good you do or do not feel.  You see, it takes a food 3-4 full days to completely clear your system, so you cannot remove a food for 1 day and then tell me you didn’t notice any difference, it needs to be completely out of your system for several days before you can make that assessment, that means no eating it (ie Dairy) for over a week before you can accurately decide if you feel better without a food.

Maybe it IS killing you
Maybe it IS killing you

It’s called chronic inflammation…know what chronic inflammation causes? Rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and heart attack, depression, cancer, sleep issues, asthma, COPD, emphysema, periodontal disease, insulin resistance, weight gain, irritable bowel, psoriasis, and wrinkles.

Moderation just might be killing you and you didn’t even know the symptoms your body was giving you were symptoms of chronic inflammation…and YES….THEY ARE KILLING YOU….MODERATLY, SLOWLY AND BECAUSE YOU WERE NOT INTERESTED IN DOING ANYTHING HARD ALONG THE WAY, LIKE GIVE UP TOAST FOR A WEEK…..

Just a thought.

Why not try another way?
Why not try another way?


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