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I am angry

I’m just angry

How dumb can I get?
How lazy can I be?
Seriously, could I be just a little organized?
What is happening to me?
Why do I keep sabotaging myself? My physical goals. My business goals. My LIFE goals.




I know better. This negative language does not serve me. It will not help any of the situations I’ve caused or neglected as the case may be.

Now what?

I’m unhappy, feel like crying, no closer to my goals, even more unmotivated because if I’d started when I made the goals I’d be way further down the path, even more unhappy, really want to crawl under the covers and cry now, pissed off, grab the damn bootstraps and let’s go!

How long until this cycle starts again?
What is a legit “later” and when does it become so many laters that it’s overwhelming?
Where did I learn this procrastination?
What about self-employment lends itself to sky rocket and for others digging a hole so deep the overwhelm is overwhelming? And why when procrastinating in one area of life do all areas suffer?

So I’ve got a few theories here. And some techniques to get myself moving again…..maybe they’ll help you too.

First I have to bring awareness to the fact that I am not as happy as I have been, because let’s face it, I’m really good at putting on a happy face.
Next I may meditate or free flow journal and be as negative as I can be, no censoring during free flow, you never know what might come up…I do set a timer though so I don’t get distracted and interrupt the flow. Generally I believe that the way we speak (negative or positive) is very important and I don’t allow myself to speak negatively but during the free flow it’s no holds barred and I may even go extreme to the negative.
When I run out of things to write I breathe a few deep breaths. I write, ” so now what? How can I fix this?”
Now the brainstorm is on! Once I have let all the negative out it becomes so much easier. Again….free flow, no censoring with , “that’s too hard” or “maybe another time, that’s too unrealistic”. Just write all the things that might help the situation.
Maybe set a timer if you find yourself looking at the clock.
Finally, before I even set my writings down I decide on what one thing can I do right now? Right this very minute? Not tonight or tomorrow but what can be done now? Call my coach and set an appointment. Decide what’s for dinner. write a blog post. Make a grocery list of healthy snacks. Throw out all the junk food. Do 10 squats. Walk the dogs. Write an email.

You've got this
Do at least that one thing.


Do it.

Now or never


Come on


Now schedule the things that need to be scheduled.

Start again.

Reality check

You won’t be any closer to your goals in 3 months if you wallow in self pity for another week, month or 3….

Put one foot in front of the other.

Keep moving.

You got this.


Ps…if you are looking for that special personal trainer to kick you in the butt with short and super effective workouts, give me a call 612-202-0448……could be our conversation sparks something in you…and it’s something you can do while still sitting with your writings.
Love, peace and light