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Charge YOUR battery first!

you gotta fill yourself up first

you gotta fill yourself up firstThe last official week of summer…you know, the one right before Labor Day Weekend and then the kids head back to school, the weather suddenly has a crispness to it, windows are left open overnight, pools come down, sweaters and jeans are pulled out aaaaaaaand all of those fall activities start!  High School Football games, after school programs, pre-Holiday functions are just around the corner…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

And as moms, we get organizing! Who is driving whom to what activities and just as important, who is picking them up?  Who is making supper?  Do we have all the ingredients?  Are all of the lunch makings in the pantry?  Did I pick up the birthday present for the party?  The bathroom, ugg.  ARE WE OUT OF COFFEE????!!!!

And just when we thought we were going to catch a little break when the kids are in school we can’t resist signing up to volunteer in the kids’ classrooms or at their sporting events…


What started out innocently enough, signing up Johnny for soccer and Suzie for dance once a week back when they were tots has turned into a 2nd full time job.  Your energy is dragging, the dark circles under your eyes giveaway that you haven’t gotten more than a few hours of sleep in weeks, without your calendar you aren’t sure where you are supposed to be on what night and your partner isn’t so sure you still choose them as your partner…

recharging the batteriesSo how do you recharge?  When do you recharge?  Perhaps you have incorporated some breathing techniques into your schedule, you know, when you are resting in the car waiting for someone to jump in.  Maybe a glass of wine just before bedtime while you are trying to spend some quality time with your partner.

Have you noticed you never quite get your battery charged back up to 100%?  And slowly, even surreptitiously, you can’t even get that battery up over 50%, then 40% and 20%!  If this was our cell phone we’d trade it in!  And while somedays you’re up for a life trade you know you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So back to the question at hand…how do you recharge?

Yoga? Meditation? Running? Painting?


It works for a while and then what?  “Just this once” you pick up an extra shift at the HS football concession stand only to discover you are now in charge!  You offer to help another mom in a jam with a ride only to discover it’s become a weekly thing!

How do you hold space for your recharge?  There’s no USB port in your car for you!  And once you get home you discover all the chargers are in use with your kids’ notebooks, phones and games.

Might be time to carve out that space in your schedule; hire a trainer or take a class that you get to pay for, so you know you’ll go.  Whether it’s a weekly art class, a meditation circle, a running group or fitness class; it’s time you charge your battery to 100%.  Erase those dark circles with a few weeks of sound sleep, remind your honey you do love them and choose them…

Happy Charging!


Looking for some ideas…IntenSati is the perfect Mind-Body Cardio Class (think Jane Fonda meets the Dali Lama) an intense cardio workout to help you sleep better…Every Monday at 635pm, call me for the deets 612-202-0448

Beach Recharge RetreatWant a bigger get away?  How about coming with me December 6-10th, 2017?

I am headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico leading a wonderful Beach getaway… we will “howl” at the moon, wash away our cares in the ocean, take meditative beach strolls and exercise in the shadows of the Old Fort and learn how to re-charge when we get back home by learning about eating and exercising for optimal performance and hormonal balance.  A meet and greet apps and wine gathering the evening of the 6th and light breakfast and snacks will be provided throughout the retreat.

Early Bird Price is $1000 before 9/30/17 (*does NOT include air/lodging or meals)

After that your investment is $1500   Limited Spots Available