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How is a drive in the city like visiting a new gym? - Now Get Going Fitness

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How is a drive in the city like visiting a new gym?

My scary drive

First….I made it out!

Second, bear with me during the lead up, this really does relate to fitness!

So this past weekend I met my sister at the Mall of America. 1) I hate driving in “the cities” proper. 2) My former MoA security guard daughter says the parking lots have more cameras than the ramps, park in this lot (that I am totally unfamiliar with). 3) there’s road construction that Siri forgot to warn me about. 4) I drive a very conspicuous car.

Upon leaving the Mall I turned on my gps, put the top down on my convertible and drove. Siri took me on an unfamiliar road but I have lots of faith in “her”. It was near dusk. As I passed the familiar roads I sent up a silent prayer that she knew where to take me… 5 minutes later I was on the downtown exits of Minneapolis headed toward a closed road…and Siri just kept rerouting me there.

Once around the block I was feeling frustrated and a little out of place, and there were one way streets everywhere!

Twice around the block and I was frustrated and nervous from the catcalls, Siri is blaring from my radio the directions…I couldn’t get her to shushhhhhhhhh and I couldn’t see anywhere to pullover to put the top up and look at the map.

Third time around the block people were watching for me, asking where I thought I needed to go (in that creepy, scary way), and finally I saw a detour sign!

Alleluia! And in 3 long blocks I was in a neighborhood where neither I nor my car stood out quite so much, and in 5 miles I was back on familiar ground.

Been a long time since I was that …uncomfortable…freaked out…no, I was scared.

I know people who live in that area of town, they’re not scared. Why was I? Unfamiliarity.

Forehead slap reminder! I often wonder why people are so nervous to come to the gym, make it past the treadmills, ask a Trainer some questions.

AHA! That’s what this scary drive was a reminder of…the gym is an unfamiliar place with scary equipment and confident people who know what they are doing and they just don’t feel like they will ever get to do it right.

So two tracks of advice/thoughts here…if you are trying to get your friend to come to the gym, offer to go with them, show them around, give them the overview (bring different shoes, wipe off the equipment, introduce them to your gym friends and staff). I would have been so grateful on my drive for a passenger helping look for those detour signs and shut Siri up!

If you are ready to hit the gym but don’t have a friend to show you the ropes, ask the staff to show you around or if they have trainers that offer complimentary or short term training packages. Magazine or internet workouts can be great, or a nightmare (kinda like my navigation system and gps…if you don’t know you’re way around the road construction things can get scary in a hurry). While the equipment is at first very overwhelming and numerous, once you are taught the proper way to use it and why it gets familiar quickly (a few more times around that block I would have known where the potholes were). And trainers don’t have to be a forever thing but when you are new, they are a really big help (a passenger familiar with the area and the workarounds would have calmed my nerves a ton!)

And before long you are in a neighborhood you are comfortable in!

Here’s to your new gym adventures!
Love, Peace and Light,

Ready for a switch or just some fun at the gym…

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