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Happy (2nd) New Year! I mean…Happy Fall! - Now Get Going Fitness

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Happy (2nd) New Year! I mean…Happy Fall!

the end of the year is near

start again

  You know…fall into fitness?  Get Hot for the Holidays?  Haven’t reached your New Year’s goals yet?  Time to double down, the end of the year is near!  The kids are back in school, time to get back to the gym!


the end of the year is nearA quick check in with Siri tells me we still have 15 weeks until January! And a full 2 months until “the holidays” even pretend to begin!  A check in with the National Weather service tells me the nice weather will quickly turn chilly and the number of hours of daylight is dwindling (in fact this week the tide tips to more dark than light here in MN!)

So, what’s your plan?

Would you let the first 15 weeks of the year go un-exercised?  Then why the last?  Everything has to start sometime…why do we get hung up on starting healthy lifestyles only in January? Or new diets only on Mondays? Thursdays are great days to add more water and veggies too!  April and September are fantastic times to start exercise programs!  And the holidays are really only 2 days!  So, you are telling me you are going to put a hold on improving your health for 15 weeks because you already know that 2-5 (I’ll throw in a few extra celebrations) days you will definitely go off plan?!

Let’s take this really big picture for a few minutes…Cancer will not pause for 15 weeks.  Heart disease will not push off that attack until after the holidays.  Diabetes will not cease to progress while you are busy doing other things.

Life is not all or nothing.  There are compromises.  You do not have to be perfect your first time up to bat (or your happy liverfirst job out of college –that’s just for my newly graduated kidlet 😊) In fact, life is full of false starts and do overs but they all add up.  What if instead of perfectly having a salad for lunch 7 days a week you only had 4 salads this week?  Those extra veggies will help keep the nasties at bay.  What if you only got to the gym 2 times this week instead of 4?  Your heart will thank you for even that little bit of attention.  And what if you skipped going out with friends just once this week?  Would your liver be just a little relieved?

So maybe you don’t do “it” perfectly and maybe you don’t lose 30 pounds in the next 15 weeks…but would you be thrilled to lose 15 pounds? Or even 10?  What if January came and you already knew how the treadmills worked and where your favorite weight machines were?  What if you had already figured out some fun breakfast recipes to help you start the new year?  What if you were someone else’s inspiration in January?

Right now is a GREAT time to start!  Call that Personal Trainer at the gym, she might be able to easily slip you into her schedule now vs January.  Check out the classes being offered at your gym, I bet you’ll have lots of room in the back row!  And the salad aisle is never busy this time of year!  You might even get a good deal on close dated salads because of low demand!!

Remember, whenever you do start, your body will thank you!

Need some more quick and easy ideas?  I’m on Facebook with quickie workouts nearly every day and showing you what I eat regularly…Now Get Going!