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I had this dream….

Ever wake up in a sweat, freaked out by that last dream?

Last night that was me.  You see, I’ve been pretty angry with my guides lately. They’ve been letting me down.  Or in true reflection, I’d been letting them down.  I hadn’t been listening.  I’d been doing a whole lot of ordering around and obviously hadn’t made space to hear their orders. (You see, guides are like that, they are a reflection of you…if you bark orders they bark back, if you ignore them they respect your space and back off, if you take time to listen, HEAR and do what they recommend…well, things go on quite nicely.)

So I’d set my butt in a chair and started listening.  Asking for more clarity on how I had been not doing my part and what I could do.  I got some answers and started.  And honestly got some startling exciting movement in my business!  So I sat down again and asked, “what else?” I got a dream.

I dreamt I was in a Mexican restaurant with all those painted skulls, the waiter explained our menu options was taking our orders and when he got to me said, “yeah yeah yeah your from the house of Naur….


My dreamt reply
“Preach! You don’t have to tell me, I live it.”

Oh shit, oh shit, Ooooooooo shit!

I think I need to be seeking out ways to use my healing powers.  And let’s start just by telling you

that if you are looking to have some Reiki done…I can do that.

If you are looking to heal your soul from past hurts and attachments, I can do that.

If you are looking for an Akashic Record Reading, your soul’s blue print of how you best operate, I can do that.

If you are looking to ease the symptoms of Menopause, I can do that.

Looking to Melt your Middle or Banish Brain Fog, I can do that too.

How can I help you today?