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How to Beat Exhaustion in Menopause

Dear Denise,

I am exhausted and even though it is midnight I can’t sleep.  I go to bed and my mind is so busy.

Suddenly my alarm goes off and it feels like I only got to sleep 2 minutes earlier.

I chug soda and coffee all day just to put one foot in front of the other.

I read your tips about sleep but I am just to exhausted to even try.  Got anything easier?

–Exhausted in El Paso


Dear Exhausted,

Oh the night time monkey mind.

I remember waking up not feeling rested at all, swilling caffeine and eating candy bars just to get through the days and magically at bedtime I couldn’t sleep.

Here is a super basic step 1.  Eat more protein.

Don’t worry about another thing.





What I’ve found over the years of working with women is that we really don’t eat enough protein.  In this diet driven society we’ve been driven toward salads, veggies and more salads.  And in an effort to lose weight we cut out the basic building block of our body, PROTEIN.

Protein is responsible for building all the systems in the body…



*Muscles (drives metabolism)

*Endocrine (controls hormones)

If you aren’t getting the protein these life systems fall to the wayside in favor of keeping your heart pumping and brain thinking and keeping you alive but not thriving.

Once you start eating enough protein again it can take 3-10 days, depends on how depleted you are, to really feel the difference.

*Your energy will increase

*Your brain fog will lift and concentration will improve

*You won’t get sick so often and will be able to fight off a few germs easily

*Your hormone cycle will regulate

*You’ll want sex again and if you’ve been struggling to get pregnant your odds will improve.

*Your metabolism will increase, putting a halt to weight gain and starting weight loss.

*Best of all!! You’ll be able to sleep!

So how much protein is enough?   Science has proven that women in their 40s and beyond need more protein than nearly all other age groups at a MINIMUM of 100 grams daily..

In my experience, as women age they report their daily intake to me at maybe 50-60 grams a day (and that’s a high).  That’s less than 1/2 our daily requirements for life. Protein is NECESSARY to live!

I’d encourage you to start writing down how many grams of protein you are getting the next couple days.  Once you know where you’re at you can make changes.  Like adding some eggs to breakfast, some steak to your salads and a few extra ounces to your supper.

Check in after a few days to see how you’re feeling.

Keep adding protein until you feel amazing!

Here’s to your sleep!



PS.You might want to join my free 5 day #PlanForProtein Challenge February 3-7, 2020.  Get signed up here!