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The Sexy Unsexy Life

The Sexy Unsexy Life

The Sexy Unsexy LifeLose 30 pounds in 30 days!

20 inches in a month, gone!

Walk 500 miles in 2020!

New Year, New You!

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Why?  Why do I have to start over?  What if I don’t really need to lose 30 pounds?  20 inches, what does that even mean?  And 500 miles!!  Who even has time for that?

For years as the New Year rolls around, the irritation around these headlines grows.

What’s wrong with me?  Why must I up my “game” so much just because I hung a new calendar on the wall?  What’s wrong with the old me?  Can I just improve it?

And all of the sudden it’s too much.  I can’t give anymore.

I already walk my dog everyday, lift really heavy weights, look like a crazy person on the stair mill and keep my butcher in the money with all the protein I eat in a week.  I read, I meditate, I drink a ton of water.



And then this year it just all culminates into a huge, huge NO!

I am enough.  I do enough. I have enough.


And slowly, like the rising sun, I realize I am already doing all the things that make my life absolutely great.

Each day I drink enough water that my skin is supple and elastic.

I lift enough weight that I can do all the things I need to do, like shovel the driveway and push the neighbor’s car and carry the groceries.

I do enough cardio that I can play until my dog is done and well, my husband too 😉


My clothes all fit so that when I pack for vacation I don’t have to be try them all on to make sure.

I can have a burger and a beer once in a while without “punishing” myself with running.


And a new day dawns.

I lift the weight.

I eat the protein.

I run the steps.

I drink the water.

I do the thing and I eat the burger.


Because everyday I do the thing, I AM the person.


The Sexy Unsexy Life is about doing the things everyday that aren’t really cool, don’t really warrant a headline, but keep people saying crazy things like, “You are so lucky, you can eat whatever you want.”

“You are so lucky,  You’re naturally skinny.”

“You are so lucky, it’s just easy for you.”


Let me clean my ears.

What did you say you binge watched on netflix last week?  5 seasons of GOT?

You know the Uber eats gal by name?

You went out on Friday AND Saturday?!


But you did a juice thing and lost 5 pant sizes for a week.

And you used Preparation H to tighten up that loose skin for the big event.

And you wore that BIG name to THE event.


I believe the Sexy Unsexy Life is one where everyday we do just a little, grind just a bit and get the results that just ARE.

The RESULTS that the articles boast.

The GRIND that is never mentioned.

Because the results are SUPPOSED to be HARD.

While the day to day is a BREEZE.

Turns out the articles have it wrong.

The Sexy Unsexy Life is a life that we just do the things to get the results, day after day after day.

No 30 pounds to be starve this month.

No 20 inches to shrink.

No 500 miles to track.

No NEW ME that needs to be found.

Ready to live the Sexy Unsexy Life?

I’ll see you filling up at the water station tomorrow at the gym just before we lift some heavy stuff…and eat the burger :0