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I’m 48, I feel like life is over.

Dear Denise,
I just turned 48 and feel like my life is over.

My kids don’t need me, I’m just going through the motions of getting up, going to work, come home, make supper, tv, bed…

No grandkids in sight.

Retirement is forever away.

And TBH, this spare tire around my middle is weighing me down (pun intended)

-Ancient in Akron


Dear Ancient-

I am so sad.  And (ask my kids) not one for allowing pity parties to continue too long.

Cry it out.  Scream it out.  Journal it out if you want.

Now what?

What’s next.  The average life expectancy of an American woman is 94, you probably have almost 1/2 a life to go.  Do you really want to spend it hating?

I heard that life expectancy last year as I was turning 47, exactly 1/2 way.  And here I am staring down another birthday excitedly counting my blessings and looking forward to another trip around the sun.

Don’t mistake this though for no sadness or doubt filled thoughts.  This week I shared in my Facebook group how I joined a group of women entrepreneurs and that by far I am the oldest one in the room–at 47!  This really put me in a place of, “I’m too old.  WTF am I thinking? This ship has sailed.  I wish I’d have started when I was 28…”

And then during a discussion with the 28 year old (the youngest in the room) she admitted to feeling to young, who was she with no life experience (she just got her PhD)–our stories were mirrors.  You’ll never be ready and there’s no better time to change things than now!

So with no further lamenting and for my 48th birthday this week—

48 Blessings, Thoughts and Things….

  1. Two grown, employed, smart, on-their-own daughters who still call me
  2. A husband who knows me better than I do (somedays) and takes care of me like the queen I am
  3. Dogs that fill me with laughter, and are really the reason I’m up at night
  4. A group of amazing business women to help me see my blind spots #jillfitcoachingcollective
  5. A fantastic, no bs coach to ask me “the” questions @jillfit
  6. A day boss that listens to input and cares about her employees and customers in a 5 star way @brendajewell
  7. Co-workers who know their shiz and have fun while being professional at work @cheriekustermann  @christianwalterwaagner  @chadrohr
  8. generally healthy parents who lead by example, so busy in their retirements we have to schedule phone calls
  9. My convertible Camaro
  10. Our blow up summer pool
  11. Three big vacations planned this year, including a trip to Paris! I’ve never been to Europe!!
  12. Women who genuinely want to improve their menopause years through lifestyle and food who do what I say!
  13. Best 1:1 clients ever
  14. My silver clients through the past 14 years giving me awesome advice (travel young)
  15. Cheap airfare and Google flights
  16. My ability to learn new tech
  17. With just a bit of help from those grown girls and biz buds
  18. That I still have 40+ years to make a difference
  19. Cry when you gotta cry then get your butt moving
  20. Get outside, wiggle your toes in the grass-or sand
  21. Nature heals a lot
  22. Gratitude will get you further than bitching
  23. Quit Multitasking, you’ll get more done
  24. Sing at the top of your lungs
  25. Celebrate your wins
  26. Visit with a person 20+years your senior–no rushing
  27. Eat your veggies
  28. Drink your water
  29. Take a walk
  30. Lift heavy things, you want to be one of those silver people that inspires, right?  (Iris Apfel, 102 year old marathoner, Kate Heim)
  31. Let people help you
  32. Take a nap
  33. Smile at strangers
  34. Genuine compliments are to be given freely
  35. As are thanks
  36. Make friend with people 21 years younger than you to stay young
  37. Dress to make you happy, not your age
  38. Read non-fiction books too
  39. Take a different way to work 1 day a week
  40. Visit local tourist spots like you are from out of town, hire a tour guide
  41. Volunteer at the library, senior center or hospital
  42. Be more excited about your own life than a tv character’s life
  43. Sex helps a lot of things, you’re never too old
  44. Go to the doctor early and call 911, don’t drive yourself
  45. Young people are very smart (if you’ll just be quiet and listen)
  46. Listen to a different podcast to get new ideas
  47. Energy work and massages are magical, set aside your doubt for a couple hours
  48. Take care of you first

Ancient, feeling any better now?



Need a little more hand holding than butt kicking?  Watch for my new program coming out next week