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Quick Symptom Relief in (Peri)menopause

Dear Denise,

This perimenopause business is for the birds!

I wake up soaked from night sweats, gain weight just thinking “donuts”, and get so embarrassed when I am trying to answer a client’s question only to not be able to remember the words.

What can I do to get some quick help?

-So Many Symptoms in Cincinnati


Dear Cincinnati-

Those symptoms really do add up quickly, don’t they?

Thing is, they’ve been building for years.  It’s just that they start out relatively insignificant.  An added pound or 2 each year form age 30 on.  Restless sleep that might be chalked up to stress, an occasional lack luster love session, a moody day.  Suddenly becomes hot flashes, insomnia, 20 pounds and no libido ever.

So just like planting a tree, the best time to avoid symptoms was 20 years ago, but NOW is the next best time!

One of my mentors, Dr. Sara Gottfried says, “if you don’t take time to support your hormones in your 30s, you will be forced to deal with them through menopause.”  The first time I heard that I got mad too!  I was already dealing with crazy moods and insomnia.  I didn’t know anything about menopause in my 20s and early 30s but I was supposed to deal with it back then?!  Damn!

But let’s get you started right now where you are at, then I’ll talk to the young gals.

There are very few quick fixes for this but if you will commit to a few months of effort life will dramatically improve ASAP.

Step 1:  Let’s look at your DAILY food and habits….

  1. how much protein are you getting?
  2. how many cups of coffee or cans of soda?
  3. how many 1/2 cup servings of veggies?
  4. number of donuts, sweets and alcoholic beverages?
  5. do you exercise? how often and how long?
  6. do you have any stress reduction rituals/techniques in place?

Step 2:  Do this

  1. increase protein intake to 125 or more grams daily
  2. decrease caffeine to 1/day or less and never before eating
  3. increase veggies to 9-15 servings daily
  4. decrease sweets and alcohol to as close to 0 as possible
  5. exercise 2-4 x each week, prioritizing strength for 30 minutes or less
  6. daily do some breath work, meditation, strolls or/& orgasms

Step 3: Might be a good time to do a hormonal reset…everything works better in a clean system

Step 4:  Add Supplements & Hormone Supporting Protocols

  1. Multivitamin
  2. Fish oil
  3. Magnesium
  4. Zinc
  5. B
  6. D
  7. Ashwaganda
  8. Maca Root
  9. Seed cycling

get the free cheat sheet here

Step 5: Tell your daughters and younger coworkers what you learn.  They may roll their eyes now but in  few years maybe they’ll recognize the perimenopause symptoms earlier…and maybe even thank you.

Or pass this on to them….

Tips for a #SexyUnsexyLife today so (Peri)Menopause is a non issue in your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond!

First, what’s the sexy unsexy life?  It’s doing the little things daily that seem like nothing but are really the big things.

It’s having the results everyone claims to want like being slim, having great skin, and no PMS or menopause symptoms (“you’re so lucky….”).

But they are unwilling to commit to doing the things like exercise, meditate, eat more veggies and protein and a little less wine. (I don’t have time for that).

So if you are lucky enough to have been handed this in your early 30s—here’s some simple daily to do’s to have an easier (peri)menopause….did you know this can start as early as 35?!

  1. Start lifting heavy weights now, twice a week is plenty.
  2. Eat protein at every meal and at least 100g daily
  3. Eat your veggies, a pound daily
  4. Eat the pizza too, but with a huge salad
  5. Relieve stress with meditation or strolls or contrast showers etc; don’t just numb out with a glass of wine, your body really doesn’t consider this stress reduction
  6. Take a good multivitamin and check out this recommended supplements for hormone balance
  7. Build and nurture your gal pals, they are the ones you will want around in your 50s
  8. Don’t use sex as a weapon; you’re only hurting yourself
  9. Pass it on–Menopause is just like puberty–it is going to happen to every woman, let’s start talking about it now (like we did in 5th grade)!



Want more information and support?  Check out the Menopausal Project Facebook Group.  This week is all about supplements to support your cycle.