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Tips for Increasing Libido In Menopause

Dear Denise,

With Valentine’s Day coming up I’m in a bit of a panic.

My sweetie is planning a very romantic night, no kids, wonderful supper and I’ve seen packages arrive with scraps of lace in them!

But I’ve lost that loving feeling no matter how romantic or patient they are , I’m just not feeling it.

Any tips to bring back my libido?

-Loveless in Louisville


Dear Loveless,

What a big catch 22 for us with fluctuation hormones; the opportunity and want to might be there but there’s just no flame.

Here are my best tips to increase libido through lifestyle…

  1. Increase your testosterone with heavy workouts.  This is not initially a quick fix but once you’ve started regularly lifting heavy for a few months you’ll find yourself coming home from a workout ready to love up your honey.
  2. Increase your energy levels by making sure you’re getting at least 100 grams of protein daily.  You’ll see benefits in less than a week of consistent protein intake.
  3. Lower your cortisol. This means stress reduction!  What are yo doing now to relax and chill?
    1. strolls
    2. meditation
    3. contrast showers
    4. funny movies
    5. petting your dog/cat
    6. allowing help
    7. letting them fold the towels their way
  4. Supplements that have been shown to help include
    1. Ashwaganda to lower cortisol
    2. Maca Root to increase libido
    3. Omega 3, fish oil, to support nerves that aid sexual function
    4. Zinc to get the blood flowing in all the right places

Lifestyle changes can definitely help and at some point you may want to test your hormone levels, maybe even try some HRT or testosterone.  And in a cleaned out system those solutions will work more effectively, quicker and on a lower dose than throwing pills on top of a poop filled system.

Happy V Day!



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