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I’m too young for Menopause, right?

Dear Denise,

First, I am only 36, I just got married a few years ago and my kiddos are small!  I am too young for menopause.

AND, would these short workouts and seed cycling, carb cycling and fasting etc work for me?  They seem very doable in my crazy life.

–Pondering in Peoria

Dear Pondering,

I am so glad you asked!!

YES! Many of the protocols I talk about work for all women…it’s about the hormone cycle.  In fact the earlier you start supporting your hormones, the less impact you’ll notice as your periods stop (menopause).  One of my first teachers says, “if you will not deal with your hormones when you are young, you will be forced to deal with them as you get older.” (Dr Sara Gottfried)

Recently I surveyed my followers, asking what they wish they’d known in their 30s to better prepare them for the menopause roller coaster…

Things I wish I’d known in my 30s

  1. Prioritize strength training now, building muscle becomes biologically harder the older you are.
  2. Strength training IS your metabolism-muscle burns calories and changes the shape of your body.
  3. Sprints are super effective for fat loss but you need to go all in on the speed and recovery.
  4. Eat the protein to support that muscle!  REALLY, do not skimp here.  Get a body scan done at a gym and think 1 gram of protein per pound of lean mass.
  5. Learn to love veggies. Try different recipes. Try new veggies. Try growing veggies. Veggies push toxins and extra hormones out of the body.
  6. Seed cycling is a super easy way to support your estrogen and progesterone phases. (seriously, 1 Tbsp of seeds a day, you can do this!)
  7. Learn about carb cycling and fasting and how to work with your hormones as early as possible…while it takes a couple months of practice it makes weight loss & maintenance effortless.
  8. Wine isn’t really “all that.”
  9. Sleep is a very big deal.  Nap when the kids are napping and teach the kids how to do the dishes when you are all awake.
  10. Getting older really isn’t that bad.

One more thing though.

The average American woman hits menopause about age 51.


Symptoms can start 10-15 years before (that’s age 36).  Often in women with young children the symptoms are overlooked as just tired or very busy schedules with irregular sleep patterns.


Menopause is just a normal hormone shift of life, like puberty.

Think about this, menstruation is just making sure the species survives.

The only magic that happens in a hormonally well supported woman at menopause is she gets to quit buying tampons.

If she’s ignored her hormones or manipulated them (no judgement, I took the pill, the shot and ate like shit too) that’s when many symptoms occur…


  • vaginal dryness
  • sudden midsection weight gain
  • anxiety/depression
  • sleep disruptions
  • loss of libido
  • hot flashes/night sweats
  • moodiness
  • thinning hair
  • changes in breast fullness

Don’t worry though.  When you do start supporting your hormone cycle many of the symptoms fade away!

Turns out being menopausal is all in the attitude.

I’m Old enough to know better,

Young enough to not care,

and Experienced enough to do it right!

I hope that helps.



PS.  Be sure you get my free workbook,

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Included in the workbook are sample meal plans and a calendar to help you plan your cycle with the protocols.

The earlier in life you start using the protocols the more intuitive it becomes and the less impact your shifting hormones will have on your life (or even just this month…pms, mood swings, cramps)

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