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Self Care for the WIN

Dear Denise,

I’ve done all the projects, deep cleaned my house and closets.  I’ve binged on netflix for 3 days straight.  I’m over this stress reduction.

Now what?

–Done in Duluth

Dear Done,

Actually what I see is you’ve been keeping yourself very busy with all the tasks and to-dos and shoulds.  Then instead of taking care of yourself you swung the other way to numbing with tv.

What about YOU?

Just like not enough exercise or food isn’t healthy, so is too much exercise or food.

Numbing, also no good, even though it feels like relaxing, it’s really pushing aside feelings that need to be expressed or conversations that need to be had.  And those suppressed things can also cause stress.

As you’ve heard me say, stress raises cortisol and that increases weight, disrupts sleep and energy, increases brain fog and midsections.

My first recommendation is to feel the feels.  Cry when you feel the urge, laugh or even scream (but maybe into a pillow instead of your partner or mom).

Next let’s look as some fabulous stress relievers.

*Go for a stroll, a nice, slow walk outside in the fresh air soaking up some vitamin D

*Partner massages (that may even lead to cuddle time or #fixyourfrisky

*Take a nap instead of watching tv

*Pet your animal (dog, cat, snake, bird….)

*Read a fun fiction book–and cry if you’re moved!  I used to try not to cry or laugh out loud when reading but honestly, whatever moves the emotions through me—I’m all in.

*Color- something that allows your brain to meander while your body is busy

*Do pushups or wax your car, again…busy body, meandering mind

*Play in the dirt.  Nature is super healing and relaxing.  Repot your house plants, start readying your garden, build a sand castle in that old sandbox!

* Take a bath–when was the last time you sat in your tub, candles, epsom salt and lavender and just soaked?

*Visit with a friend.  Text them, or better yet, call them!  (fun side note, the graphics – this one is highlighted, I can’t see it on the working copy but I’ve downloaded it 5 times and this one is still highlighted, being a believer in signs, this is probably the most important!)

When we all come out of this …I keep seeing the memes – we’ll either be 20lbs lighter with our chakras aligned or fully versed in G.O.T.

How about we come out of it with a new appreciation of self care?



PS for your kids of any age, it’s good for them to see you taking care of you so they know it’s ok to take care of themselves as adults too.

My girls are 24, I want them to know it’s ok to slow down regularly, not just during a pandemic.  If your kids are small, they mimic what they see now…all their lives!