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Full Moon Ritual

HABIT: A settled or regular tendency or practice especially one that is hard to give up.

RITUAL: A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.

Life is a series of habits, some firmly ingrained through frequent practice, some that come and go with life or the seasonal phases.

Reflection is one way to “wake up” from habit and review if it’s still working for you and for the reasons you started it.  IE: I started taking a baby aspirin a few years ago because I read it was good for something.  I can choose to blindly take it for the rest of my life or regularly check in to see if it’s still necessary or if the science has changed.  On this one I noticed I was starting to bleed profusely with the smallest of scratches so I discontinued.

Reflection is also a way to recognize early that something needs to be implemented.  IE: Regular doctor visits or measuring your hips.

So how does one know when to reflect?

In the case of doctor visits the AMA has a recommended visit schedule, my mechanic recommends services based on mileage, and I recommend life check ins a least annually, maybe on your birthday or New Years.

But what if you’re trying to reach some big goals or release some really heavy baggage?  Then maybe monthly, weekly or even daily!

For this reason I have set aside time each month–on the New Moon I reflect on the things I’d like to BEcome, habits or traits I want to add to my life.  On the Full Moon I set aside time to reflect on the habits, traits and beliefs that no longer serve me, the things I’d like to BeGone from my life.

How to do a Full Moon Ritual:

  1. Light a white candle
  2. Turn on the meditative music or chimes (I like Oak app “unguided meditation”)
  3. Set a timer so time limits aren’t a distraction.
  4. Take 5 square breaths
  5. Write all the things I’d like to “BeGone” from my life.  Anything from a pesky hangnail to a deep seeded belief.
  6. Reread the list then visualize each item leaving my bubble that is me.
  7. Shred or Burn the list, watching the words dissolve into the ether.
  8. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You
  9. Blow out the candle.

Some of the steps, like lighting a candle and breathing, are there to condition the energy, making it easier to drop into the mindset of reflection or come out of it.  It’s the process of making space and tuning in vs standing at the kitchen counter stirring dinner, putting clean dishes away and thinking with a corner of your mind that you’d like to give up grocery shopping.  That’s not reflecting, that’s wishing.

When we reflect with intention changes happen.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to realize your innocent once in awhile Almond Joy has become a regular occurrence to a king size regular occurrence, to a bar everyday and 10 lbs on your butt is no longer a mystery.  Sometimes that’s a relief, sometimes its not.  But now you’ve brought it to your consciousness and next time you’re at the gas station you’ll be aware as you head to the candy aisle or go right to the cash register.

Same is true of weightier issues.

So as the moon is full, I’d invite you to set some time aside, maybe 30 minutes…



PS.  Both New and Full Moon Rituals can be done up to 2 days before or after to maximize the moon’s power.

For my seasonal Spring Equinox Ritual be sure to check out YouTube