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Whats for Supper?

Dear Denise,

I am trying to be the best guy ever to my lady but she’s driving me crazy!  Every night she can’t answer what she wants for dinner or what to do on the weekend and then I make plans and she “doesn’t feel like it!!”

How can I read her?

–Confused in Kentucky

Dear Confused,

I get it!  The issue is likely she doesn’t know either.  In these modern times something got lost for women…the lessons have become more and more hushed, the generational support and knowledge replaced with science and medicine.  Now many of us don’t know what to expect of our bodies.  In this world of  “work like a man” and “anything HE can do I can do better” etc, women have lost the magic of their hormone cycles.

Today I am going to clue them in on some of the magic and give you  guys the Ultimate Cheat Sheet for how to figure out what’s for supper, what the best nights are for dates and what to do on those dates.

Ladies–Your cycle is magic!  It is not just for survival of the species!  It is for efficiency sake too!!!  You only have to lift really heavy 2 weeks a month to see gains and then get to spend 2 weeks focusing on recovery based activities.

Ladies, when you work WITH your hormones you’ll have the perfect time to analyze results and numbers, the time to create, the time to negotiate and get feedback and the time to wrap the project up.  Every month!

Then of course there’s the stuff  Kentucky wants to know.  We are driving our men crazy with our indecision on what to have for supper and what to do this weekend!  So here’s the lowdown!  If nothing else…let’s #SupportYourCycle

The female cycle can be broken down into 2 distinct phases

  1. Period to Ovulation  Days 1-14ish  (increasing Estrogen)
  2. Ovulation to Period   Days 15ish-28  (decreasing Estrogen and increasing Progesterone)

Phase 1:

What’s for supper?

Fish, Chicken, Turkey with some dill, sage, cumin, mint… Served with a beautiful raw veggie salad.  And to drink, something ice cold, Margarita anyone?

Looking to go out?  Maybe a nice Mediterranean Restaurant or Fish House.

What do you want to do this weekend?

As we progress through Phase 1 we become more and more social AND more frisky.  This is a great time to go out dancing, planning parties with friends and a great time for a quick experimental roll in the hay or an all night f#$! fest! 😉

Once Ovulation has passed the hormones really shift.

Phase 2:

What’s for supper?

Beef, bacon, venison with some heat/spice to it (pile on the peppers, garlic and cloves) and serve it with some grilled veggies or fajita makings (her digestion is slowing down this week so cooked produce is the way to go).  To Drink?  Something warming like a nice glass of wine or a shot of whiskey.

Eating out?  Think Mexican or Indian food or a great Steak Joint.

Making Plans for the weekend?

As this phase progresses she’ll want more quiet time, even alone time.   Now is a great time to cuddle by the fire, making out and back rubs that *could* lead to more…(plan that night out with the guys closer to day 26).

Once the hormones all bottom out and her period happens…start again!

Let me know how next month goes!!



Click here for the useHERcycle cheat sheet to her Hormone Cycle

and click here for the #KnowYourCycle education.