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Menopause = No Periods, Not No Hormones

Education day!!

I have been getting a lot of great feedback on my #KnowYourCycle education this past month.

Women are truly grateful for the information.  Stuff they’ve never been taught.  Light bulb moments everyday!

AND! Then I received a message from a woman who loved the info and she wished she’d had it before she hit full menopause and “no more cycle.”

Alert!  Alert!  ALERT!!!!

I know she meant “no more period.”  But a lot of women think no more period means no more hormones and this just is not the case.

You read that right!

No more period DOES NOT MEAN no more hormones.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have as much estrogen or progesterone but you do have them.  In fact many women continue to suffer from hormone symptoms for years after their last period.

And I am here to tell you, that just like women with a period, if you lean into the cycle and support it you can continue to USE it for better sleep, sex and brain function as well as weight loss and muscle gains!!

That’s right! Life does not end at the end of your periods.  And when you work with your hormones you can continue to live a svelte, sexy life in the flow.

How’s that work?  I don’t know when my estrogen and progesterone phases are and I haven’t had a period in months if not years.  Guess it’s not for me.


Hormones are impressionable.  Look at any female college dorm…in August there is bleeding all month long, but the longer the gals live together the more they impress on one another and by May, they are all bleeding the same week.

Hormones that are consistently supported will support you in a predictable manner.

Step 1:  Pick a Day 1 (that’s like the first day of your period.)  Do the Estrogen phase protocols (seeds, cooling, carb cycling)

Step 2:  Mark your calendar for day 15

Step 3:  Switch to Progesterone Protocols on day 15 and mark your calendar for day 1 (29) again.

Step 4:  Be consistent, repeat.

The more protocols you have going in the same direction, the quicker the flow happens!

**ok, you can just pick a day 1 but maybe your body can give you some clues*

Are you feeling strong and energetic?  Extroverted and social?  Creative?  Frisky?  Regular BMs?  Trouble getting to sleep?

You’re likely in the Estrogen Phase

OR are you feeling laid back?  Physical exertion is tougher this week?  Introverted and less social? Not particularly frisky?  Recognizing some nesting tendencies?  Waking up at 2 am every night?  Constipated?

You are likely in the Progesterone phase, maybe wait a week or so to start.

Once you’ve committed to the 28 day cycle try to maintain it as closely as possible to get in the flow the quickest.  It’s going to take 3-6 months to really make this happen depending on consistency etc.

Hold strong.  Lean into the flow!