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Because Menopause Doesn’t have to suck!

6 Weeks Beyond Menopause

Especially for women over 40

One of the things I hear most from women my age is “WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING?!

‘I can’t lose weight to save my life, 

‘I can’t sleep and these damn hot flashes.”

I couldn’t keep this to myself, I felt obligated to create Beyond Menopause.

Beyond Menopause is the solution to a shameless, embarrassment-free life transition, the answer to sustained weight loss through proven food shifts and exercise hacks as well as an open discussion on all the taboo topics that come hand in hand with menopause.

What most people miss are the behind closed doors, hands over mouth whispers, tears and embarrassment.

Other programs that focus on food and exercise, are a dime a dozen, ignoring the fact that a menopausal body no longer reacts like a 20 something body.

They completely ignore the embarrassment of peeing just a little when you sneeze, the desperation of sleepless night after sleepless night, the shame of midlife divorce, the cluelessness of dating in the tech world, the sadness of college bound kids and aging parents, the bewilderment of the daily physical changes like graying hair, drooping boobs, wrinkles and bat wings.

But we know it just can’t be compartmentalized.  That even if we do get our waistlines under control there’s still so much more.

I am so very, very excited to announce Beyond Menopause.

Yes, we’ll simplify eating for your aging body and, Yes, we’ll go into the exercise hacks that will give you results.


We’ll talk about body changes and how we might choose to deal with everything from graying hair to crepe chest skin.  We’ll talk about sex; loss of libido, vaginal dryness, best lubes and positions.  We’ll talk about relationship changes like getting to know your spouse again and adult kids.

We start this 6 week, no holds barred course on Monday Sept 9, 2019

6 Weeks Beyond Menopause Starts 9/9/19!

Because Menopause Doesn't Have to Suck!


Hey There!  I am Denise Wellik-Peterson, Creator of Beyond Menopause.  I’ve spent the last 17+ years as a Personal Trainer and the last 5 specializing in Hormones and the Menopause years.  

I am an expert in combining food and fitness in a different way to better support the Peri/menopausal woman.  I have helped dozens and dozens of women regain not only their bodies & libidos, but their self esteem after having taken that unexpected life twist called Menopause.

Live, in-person and online, women have been able to cut back the number of hours spent in the gym by replacing their workouts with ones tailored to their hormonal cycles.  Women have found the food blueprint that helps them lose and maintain weight that rushed them as their cycles changed.  Women are feeling better, with less brain fog and more libido since going through the BEYOND MENOPAUSE Program.

Now I have added a whole new component to the program…ALL the things…all the things that may or may not be caused by hormones but definitely occur at the same time; things like reconnecting with your spouse, realigning with your passions that have been set aside, dealing with physical changes like gray hair, leaky bladder, wrinkles and bat wings.

A few other weird, fun, and twisted things about me…

*I am the mom of adult twin girls

*I grew up a stones throw from the Mayo Clinic near Rochester Minnesota but would really love to move to the Caribbean –ASAP

*I knew from a young age I would be a Personal Trainer…just took me a while to get here (I was 30 when I started!)

*I love driving my convertible and walking my puppers.

What’s included in the 6 week Beyond Menopause Coaching Program?

Weekly workouts, including Strength and Sprint(cardio), they will be delivered both in PDF version and with a weekly demo video (in our closed Facebook group)

The Strength workouts are designed to be both short (less than 30 minutes) and very effective at building fat burning muscle while increasing the fountain of youth hormone (hgH).

The Sprint workouts are also under 30 minutes and designed for heart health, calorie burning and stress reduction

Weekly Live Facebook discussions to go in depth on the exercises and the food AND ALL the things that make menopause such a “thing”.  We are done just glancing over the superficial things like expanding waistlines and brain fog (although we will also discuss these).  We are going all in on all the things that have caused countless tears, embarrassment and shame.  Things that you thought were only yours to deal with…turns out are pretty common if we would just open up and have a discussion…here is your SAFE SPACE.

Weekly food tips…while my hubs does the cooking, I get to direct, and that direction is coming your way.  What are some of my favorite fat melting breakfasts, lunches and dinners and where does the starch and wine fit in?

Daily Discussions and support via our closed Facebook group.  Let’s make the shift from fear, shame, whining and embarrassment to empowerment, knowledge and joy!

6 Week Beyond Menopause Coaching Program Starts 9/9/19

Because Menopause Doesn't Have to Suck!