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toothpaste and fitness

Life Lessons in a Tube of Toothpaste and a Can of Paint

     Ever had something you’ve been thinking about for a while and then all the sudden you just need to do it right now? Well for quite a while I have been wanting to spice up my wall that I do a lot of workout videos in front of…and by spice, I mean GLITTER!!  And 2 weeks ago, during one of my video rants I declared (yes, declared, it is a much stronger statement than said or told you) that I would glitter paint the wall by the following week.  Keep in mind the idea of a glitter wall came a couple years ago while we were painting our deck and I say a bag of paint glitter in the paint department and that was all I knew about glitter walls.  Also, I do not do the painting in our house nor do I generally care if Hubby wants to paint as long a s I don’t have to...
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the end of the year is near

Happy (2nd) New Year! I mean…Happy Fall!

  You know…fall into fitness?  Get Hot for the Holidays?  Haven’t reached your New Year’s goals yet?  Time to double down, the end of the year is near!  The kids are back in school, time to get back to the gym! Which is quickly met with…BUT THE HOLIDAYS…I’LL START AGAIN IN JANUARY! A quick check in with Siri tells me we still have 15 weeks until January! And a full 2 months until “the holidays” even pretend to begin!  A check in with the National Weather service tells me the nice weather will quickly turn chilly and the number of hours of daylight is dwindling (in fact this week the tide tips to more dark than light here in MN!) So, what’s your plan? Would you let the first 15 weeks of the year go un-exercised?  Then why the last?  Everything has to start sometime…why do we get hung up on starting healthy lifestyles only in January? Or new diets only...
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you gotta fill yourself up first

Charge YOUR battery first!

The last official week of summer…you know, the one right before Labor Day Weekend and then the kids head back to school, the weather suddenly has a crispness to it, windows are left open overnight, pools come down, sweaters and jeans are pulled out aaaaaaaand all of those fall activities start!  High School Football games, after school programs, pre-Holiday functions are just around the corner…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! And as moms, we get organizing! Who is driving whom to what activities and just as important, who is picking them up?  Who is making supper?  Do we have all the ingredients?  Are all of the lunch makings in the pantry?  Did I pick up the birthday present for the party?  The bathroom, ugg.  ARE WE OUT OF COFFEE????!!!! And just when we thought we were going to catch a little break when the kids are in school we can’t resist signing up to volunteer in the kids’ classrooms or at their sporting events…...
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How is a drive in the city like visiting a new gym?

My scary drive First….I made it out! Second, bear with me during the lead up, this really does relate to fitness! So this past weekend I met my sister at the Mall of America. 1) I hate driving in “the cities” proper. 2) My former MoA security guard daughter says the parking lots have more cameras than the ramps, park in this lot (that I am totally unfamiliar with). 3) there’s road construction that Siri forgot to warn me about. 4) I drive a very conspicuous car. Upon leaving the Mall I turned on my gps, put the top down on my convertible and drove. Siri took me on an unfamiliar road but I have lots of faith in “her”. It was near dusk. As I passed the familiar roads I sent up a silent prayer that she knew where to take me… 5 minutes later I was on the downtown exits of Minneapolis headed toward a closed road…and Siri...
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6 years ago I was crying uncontrollably …

A little about my hormonal filled journey 6 years ago I started sobbing uncontrollably. I had no idea why. My husband stood there asking what he could do. Nothing. There was nothing he could do because I had no idea what was happening. I wasn’t bothered or stressed at work, things were fine at home. Life, as it were, was peachy. Except for this urge to cry for no apparent reason. I worked more on my mindset….that must be the problem. I worked more….after all the kids were not around quite so much, high school, jobs and sports. I started every day with a cup (or 2) of espresso and ended every night vegging in front of the tv with a mega glass of wine. I couldn’t sleep. Or more accurately, stay asleep, I saw 1-3am every dang day. Was it really a wonder that I needed coffee each morning. And as I passed that 40th birthday, I realized the...
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I am angry

I’m just angry How dumb can I get? How lazy can I be? Seriously, could I be just a little organized? What is happening to me? Why do I keep sabotaging myself? My physical goals. My business goals. My LIFE goals. STOP. STOP. STOP. I know better. This negative language does not serve me. It will not help any of the situations I’ve caused or neglected as the case may be. Now what? I’m unhappy, feel like crying, no closer to my goals, even more unmotivated because if I’d started when I made the goals I’d be way further down the path, even more unhappy, really want to crawl under the covers and cry now, pissed off, grab the damn bootstraps and let’s go! How long until this cycle starts again? What is a legit “later” and when does it become so many laters that it’s overwhelming? Where did I learn this procrastination? What about self-employment lends itself to sky...
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Moderation….what is that, really!?

Do you ever read a line from a book and it just stops you, makes you go back and read it a couple more times and then just have to think about it? I was reading, “The Virgin Diet” by JJ Virgin a few years ago and quite honestly had a couple of those moments.  First though you need to know that I literally avoided reading this book for months just because of the title, when I finally realized it was the authors last name I felt pretty silly. So she has 7 foods she calls out for their inflammatory properties…no problem there, I had definitely been on board with all of them.  But then she goes on to say, “you are what you eat ate.” “You are what you eat ate.” What a flashing light bulbs, sirens moment!  I understood that corn was bad for me personally and that when I ate corn my head began to itch and...
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Freedom of choice

Just got off the phone with a client who opened his garage door to head to our appointment only to discover that a total stranger had parked in his driveway, blocking him in. There is no room to back around and deal with this later. He is stuck where he stands until this unknown driver comes to get his car, or call the cops to have it towed. What would you do….stand around and wait on someone else’s schedule or call the cops to get it moved asap? An interesting metaphor for life. You wake up one night realizing something is wrong. You don’t want to wake your spouse so you wait until morning when they wake up to tell them something is wrong and an ambulance is called. You had a stroke. Could have turned out a lot worse but this person is doing great now. OR….you are having a massive heart attack, ambulance was called after calling your...
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Freedom, independence and responsibility

  Yep, it’s 4th do July week, I have to go with freedom and independence. Or do I? Had a very “AHA” conversation with a gal earlier his week about freedom. Now I think I am pretty open minded with letting people express their freedom with their beliefs, the right to speak their opinions, bear arms and even burn the American Flag that I hold very dear. And yet as we chatted it became clear that I do not give myself much freedom. I have a very strict code I believe I “should” stick to. Unfortunately this code is so strict that I am either on it…..or way off course. Food. Exercise. Eat your greens, up your fiber; drink your water, no soda; seedy fruits by lunch, nothing 3 hours before bedtime; get 8 hours of sleep, meditate 20 minutes daily; stick to this list of exercises, no running. And then it becomes a drag, a bore, too restrictive and...
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You never said it like that!

I never thought of that! When you hear it?..

So yesterday I was talking to my coach. We weren’t discussing anything we hadn’t already discussed before but all of the sudden I had a “lightbulb” moment. She had said that before. But wait…. The why, she had never said THAT part before. Had she? Now it all made so much more sense. Why the desired results were being so elusive. If I don’t ask, they will think I have no time. And here I am thinking, of course I have time, why else would I be doing this if I didn’t have time? And then I try to put what I am doing into another industry or situation to see if I would make the same assumptions that I am currently making if I was less familiar…..turns out I wouldn’t. I would think exactly what my coach just told me….they think I don’t have time for them. Damn. Coaches. How do they see that stuff? Another example, I’ve decided...
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