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kickboxing change up…

ooooooooh! we are changing the way we are doing Saturday moning Kickboxing! more punching and kicking, less boot campy….i know you guys are loving it….share with your friends…where can they get an awesome punching workout, sore triceps and a butt cramp?!!
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Summer is almost here,,,have you been getting ready?

so summer has teased us a bit but hey, it has given you a heads up that biking and outside running is just around the corner! Thank you mother nature! Are you ready? have you been faithful to your workouts throughouot the winter so when the urge hits you can hit the trails? It is not too late! Get to the gym now and start some biking and running, get the soreness out of the way! then when the 70 degree weather hits you will know with confidence that you can do it! and not have to suffer for your winter hiatus!
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Spring Cleaning!

Here we are, Spring again! Time to think spring cleaning….and not just of your yard! Years ago when the grass turned green people would just eat more greens because it was finally available, but since it is always available we seem to miss the fresh tasty new greens….and all the benefits that come with eating greens! This past week I have been on my own “spring cleaning”….and the veggies are great….I am less puffy and itchy, my skin is clearing and, I feel BETTER! more energized! awake without coffee! and just Vibrant…. I love feeling Vibrant. if you would like guidance on your own “spring cleaning” feel free to give me a call!   Happy Spring!
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