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It’s just not worth cooking for 2 of us (or just me) part 2

So if you read part 1 you know I think this is just bulls*+%! And if you still think this is valid go back and reread part 1 now. That being said, I do understand maximizing your time in the kitchen. Now that the kids are gone I have tons of fun things I would rather do than spend time in the kitchen….but cooking for myself is so worth it…..I want to review that first. Cooking for myself is worth it! First, because I no longer have to put on a good face so the kids will eat something I really do not like. I cook only MY favorites! Brussels sprouts several times a week, fish done every way I can think of and sometimes I just eat veggies! (Gasp!) Second, I get to use the China everyday! That stuff was expensive, especially to only use a couple times a year! Third, if I want to eat a little early...
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Only cooking for 1 (or 2)?! You lucky duck. Part 1

Ok this has been coming up for a while but recently it has been driving me crazy! I meet with a new gym member or training client, they are all excited to exercise but when I start talking about food I hear, “I don’t know how to cook for just 1” or “it’s just so much work to only cook for 2”. “Seems like a waste of time to cook for just me”. “It’s just not worth it”. S. T. O. P. Seriously. Do you hear yourselves? I don’t know how?! It’s like this, take your favorite hot dish recipe for 4, if you are cooking for 2 you just divide everything in half! You get to use a smaller pan! Less hamburger! Maybe keep the same amount of green beans (I’m all for veggies) and cook…..just like before. Not a hot dish fan? Prefer steak and baked potatoes? Step one, only purchase 1 steak and 1 potato per person….cook...
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Comfort Zones

It’s interesting when you want to make a change how just the right books, FB quotes or conversations come into play. For the last few weeks I have been working on expanding my horizons, jumping into a new fitness arena or two and generally doing some things that I have not been comfortable with in the past. Like most people, I jumped in excitedly with 2 feet, not quite sure what I was getting into, let alone how the heck to execute some of the techie stuff I want to do. I made lists, ordered promo products, had pictures taken and now I am standing at a crossroads scared to death on how to implement. Have you ever been there? So I was preparing for my favorite mind-body class, IntenSati, when I read a blog talking about getting out of your comfort zone….read it, got uncomfortable, jumped on facebook to numb it out and avoid when what pops on my...
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Summer is Here! Now What?

  Oh my goodness! June is half over! The 4th of July is just 2 weeks away! Before you know it school will be starting! WHAT!? Summer is my absolute favorite season! I love it hot! I have a pool in my backyard and spend every minute I can in it, so when I start hearing those “Summer is almost over” mantras I just have to put an end to it.  Summer just got here, we haven’t even felt sweltering yet, the kids aren’t bored yet and my garden isn’t even producing yet…..quit wishing my Summer away! But I regress……how are you going to keep all those awesome fitness gains you have made since the new year up in the summer? Or maybe you meant to get started at the gym but never really made it, now what? Get in the gym! First things first……you keep those gains by continuing to get to the gym! No whining that it’s too...
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The ripple effect…your words, your actions, who is watching you?

If you have ever hung out with me for very long you know what a stickler I am with words; the words we use to describe others, the words we use to describe ourselves, the words we use for what is possible in the world.  Chalk it up to a variety of sources; my upbringing, my psychology degree, sales driven books but most notably my IntenSati training. IntenSati means intentional mindfulness.  Being aware of what we are thinking about and knowing that while we have thousands of thoughts a day we can only think on thought at a time….and you better make those thoughts count.  The practice of IntenSati focuses on us becoming what we talk about and think about regularly, for instance if I repeatedly say, “I am strong” then I will consciously or subconsciously do things that prove I am strong.  So when I hear a new client say, “I am so fat and weak” , you can...
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The 12 New Habits of 2015

First I need to clear this up, I AM not a holiday jumper!  Merry Christmas Season! What  an awesome time of year, and I don’t say that just because I am getting ready to go somewhere very warm and sandy.  This is a great time to rest, relax and take some time for yourself to review 2014, get out last years resolutions, you did write them down, didn’t you?  How did you do? Did you accomplish them all with flying colors and even surpass them? Or did you get 90%? 50% 10%?  Are you still looking for the list?! So I could quote the research on the power of goals (resolutions), having them written down, reading them daily, and having an accountability partner……but here are the cliff notes; people with goals get more stuff done, written goals are downloaded to the brain more powerfully, daily reminders help keep you in track and having someone to answer to gets you through...
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Tips to Enjoy Turkey Day Completely Guilt Free!

So who just read that title and thought that “enjoy” and “guilt free” didn’t even belong on the same page let alone in the same sentence? Took me awhile to get to the point where I could be ok with a guilt free holiday, eat all my favorites and not “punish” myself with excessive workouts afterwards. I had literally gotten to a point where all I could think was, “why are there holidays, they just are excuses to overeat and who the heck wants to do all this extra time on the treadmill afterwards…..cancel!” So the journey started, “fine, I will go but I’m not eating anything off plan.” So I ate plain white meat turkey, no potatoes or gravy, veggies only if they were plain, no green bean casserole or sugared sweet potatoes and for sure no pie! A tedious day explaining why I didn’t need seconds or thirds, why I wasn’t eating dessert and hearing how I had...
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Looking for an awesome gift of fitness….local to Blaine, MN? Check this out!

Hey! Denise here! Having been a trainer for 12 years I have seen a lot, heard a lot and transformed many… favorite transformations include people who get off medications that they have been on for years or maybe the dr is giving you one last month before prescribing something…..if you are willing to try something you’ve never done, we can make a changeable! My other favorite kind of transformation? The sneaky family re vamp…….the what? It’s where one parent finally says I can’t change everyone but I am ready to change myself. They don’t push their family, they just start changing what they themselves eat and what they are doing….no pressure, not even suggesting to the family that they need to do what they are doing….trust me, that always backfires. And slowly, one day the child asks for an apple instead of a candy bar, their spouse asks to join them on a walk or bike ride. They come home...
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The Candy Holidays are upon us!!

Happy October!!  The leaves are changing, the mornings are cooler, the pumpkin flavored anything is out and this year the “fall candy” is now changing to “Halloween candy.” So in years past the Halloween candy came out right after the kids went back to school and since it was Halloween candy many of us were able to ignore or even scoff at it in early September. Oh but those wiley candy makers figured us out, this year they called that early orange and black colored sugar “fall candy” so we bought it and ate it with no guilt about saving it for October 31! Well, no matter anymore, October is here and the Candy Holiday line up of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines day is here, 136 days of sugar highs and crashing.  What can we do to prevent some needless crashes and how can we still enjoy some of the holiday treats? First…..none of these holidays are about the...
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What are you saying!?!

So you have probably heard me say this more than once, but hear I go again….What the heck are you saying to yourself? I am a huge believer in what you talk about, you bring about. Whether you mean it or not your subconscious does not joke and if you are always saying things like, “I am so fat”, “I am such a clutz”, “geez, I will never lose this weight”……what do you think is going to happen? Do Not look at me when I rephrase back to you, “I am getting healthier every day”, “I am becoming more balanced all the time”, or “I am losing weight with every decision I Make”. Every word you utter, every word you think is a choice, a decision and how the story of your life will play out, maybe instantly, maybe in a few days, keep saying you are fat and I can guarantee you will be fat before long, keep saying...
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