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Freedom, independence and responsibility

  Yep, it’s 4th do July week, I have to go with freedom and independence. Or do I? Had a very “AHA” conversation with a gal earlier his week about freedom. Now I think I am pretty open minded with letting people express their freedom with their beliefs, the right to speak their opinions, bear arms and even burn the American Flag that I hold very dear. And yet as we chatted it became clear that I do not give myself much freedom. I have a very strict code I believe I “should” stick to. Unfortunately this code is so strict that I am either on it…..or way off course. Food. Exercise. Eat your greens, up your fiber; drink your water, no soda; seedy fruits by lunch, nothing 3 hours before bedtime; get 8 hours of sleep, meditate 20 minutes daily; stick to this list of exercises, no running. And then it becomes a drag, a bore, too restrictive and...
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You never said it like that!

I never thought of that! When you hear it?..

So yesterday I was talking to my coach. We weren’t discussing anything we hadn’t already discussed before but all of the sudden I had a “lightbulb” moment. She had said that before. But wait…. The why, she had never said THAT part before. Had she? Now it all made so much more sense. Why the desired results were being so elusive. If I don’t ask, they will think I have no time. And here I am thinking, of course I have time, why else would I be doing this if I didn’t have time? And then I try to put what I am doing into another industry or situation to see if I would make the same assumptions that I am currently making if I was less familiar…..turns out I wouldn’t. I would think exactly what my coach just told me….they think I don’t have time for them. Damn. Coaches. How do they see that stuff? Another example, I’ve decided...
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The making of a veggie lover

  Does it taste good? The making of a veggie lover! What kind of question is that? Taste is subjective. What I I find absolutely delicious another person may find terrible. What I find terrible today I may find fantastic next week…..look at a toddler being introduced to new foods; new parents are always being told to try again another week when the child doesn’t like a new food. I’ve been asked this question so often as I train that I have to laugh. Of course as a new trainee asks about how good a veggie dish is the answer is likely a resounding “NO”. When people are used to eating pizza and drinking soda it’s a real good bet that lightly wilted spinach and garlic is not going to tickle their tastebuds. But once they are seasoned veggie lovers the questions range more toward how long to wilt the spinach, how many cloves of garlic and did you put...
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Detox for Health, Better than Yesterday

I am doing a 21+7 day detox this month, I am on day 19 today. With the encouragement of my naturopathic chiropractor I am recording my progress, my struggles and my wins. I didn’t know if I wanted to be so vulnerable as to share with you for a while so I just recorded my progress pics and daily notes, then quite honestly I decided to share because I remember the first detox I did and I thought I was going to die! After about 10 days I started going back and editing the videos. Know what I found? That as hard as I think today is, yesterday actually had some big struggles AND I made it through and didn’t even remember the struggles from a few days prior. For example, day 6 I had a killer headache….I hadn’t expected it until I gave up coffee so I was baffled, unprepared and surprised. I shared my pain and was glad...
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Butterfly effect

When does your choice matter?

I’ve been hanging out with a lot of the over 65 crowd lately and questioning at what point does it matter? I hear my seniors say, “you’re so lucky you can still eat whatever you want” or “it was all good until I turned 45.” And I wonder, was it really all good? Could they really eat all they wanted? And why do we have to reach some magical stage where now everything matters? Is it that now everything matters or that we’ve abused the body system to its breaking point so now we have to fix it? And what if we would have made those wiser choices all along? There are far fewer examples of older people who started making wise decisions earlier in their lives, not because of an awful tragedy but because it felt better. And then people wonder aloud if these people just had good genes? Maybe they never would have gotten sick even if they...
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I have plenty….lower body workout

This this month our IntenSati series is about having plenty.  Focusing on what we DO have, not all the things we think we should have but don’t.   When we focus on what is lacking in our lives, we attract more lack, ever noticed its when you’ve got no money laying around that your car requires a major fix? This 11 minute video is a lower body workout…..focusing on loving ourselves enough time take the time to be grateful for what we do have.  Focusing on having the courage to release all of the mind chatter on what we don’t have.  Creating a circle of magnetic, radiant light around our soul.  And reclaiming our power to keep our life in balance. Also this month remember to focus on the mudras or hand yoga as you go through the workout.  As you use the mudras there is different energy at each pressure point creating a more meditative experience. enjoy! If you...
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For the beginner, answers to your questions

So I’ve been a Personal Trainer for nearly 14 years. I have been in and out of multiple gyms in that time, heck sometimes even in a week. I have gone through at least a billion pairs of black gym pants. I have forgotten a ton of stuff. But the one thing I’ll never forget was walking into the gym for the first time (actually the two first times…..) I was in college the first time…..back before every girl was in the weight room. A few scary glances from a couple of big football types and I was outta there, not to return until I’d had my kids! It was one of those mega gyms because we needed a daycare on sight. Machines everywhere! People everywhere! Rules everywhere! Intimidating. Since this is the time of year people finally screw up enough courage to actually start exercising, working out or in general using someone else’s treadmill I thought I’d try to...
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My Transformation story. Part 5… I’m a fitness professional now!

Weird stuff. Had to figure out my style. Had to figure out if I could make a living at this. I got hurt at the airport. Not a kinda, sorta hurt…..the kind that puts you on workmans comp for a long time. I got further training in the fitness world, picked up quite a few specialties while I was on the mend. Had to leave the safety and security of a steady check from the airport and fly! Plot twist! I became a Bally’s Girl! I learned a ton in that big box gym. Until the whole, “I can make more on my own” bug hit. Floundered around a bit. Did well enough training and as far as my personal lifting, I came back to win a deadlift competition, 325#……it’s a lot for a 130# girl. Took up bike riding one summer, some freak storm came up and I stopped at a small coffee shop, put my card up and...
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My Transformation Story, part 4…Life Changer

I asked the trainer at the old gym for a recommendation of a new gym. He looked at me a minute and said, “you don’t strike me as a Bally’s girl, there’s a Powerhouse Gym in that area, check that out.” I did. Muscle gym. And they were relocating so I was put off for a few days/weeks. Then it was a big start up fee. But I just got my first credit card as a single…..I hired the trainer too! He was a “lift heavy and go home” kind of trainer. The weights he was telling me to pick up…..well I thought he was CRAZY! OMG! I was transforming! My butt was getting smaller, my back bigger and I was lifting some serious pounds! One day he asked if I’d ever thought of doing a bodybuilding show. I shyly admitted that it truly was something I’d always wanted to do. POOF! I hired a diet coach, mixed up the...
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My Transformation Story, part 3, Starting over Single

Moved out. Found a gym. Didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Did my free session with a trainer, got a nutrition menu (still have it… I have evolved) Good news, I only eat what’s on the menu because I’m too broke to buy anything additional. Great news, there’s a daycare at the gym and my girls love going…..even better we live close enough to walk! And all spare time is spent working…..where I get to walk laps on my breaks! And since I’m on the late night shift I am able to climb the escalators (going the wrong way…..awesome stair climber). More good news….I only had to cook what I liked, not different meals for other people. Only clink in the chain….nasty divorce causing tons of stress and outside “stuff”. Guess we can’t have it all but this was a good time in my physical world. Met someone, moved across town. Had to find a new gym… changing...
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