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Itching to bring that golf game up to par?

ooooooooooo! it is so close and today we have a winter storm watch! Guess the grass will get to wait. But if you still want to talk golf and start working on your game while mother nature decides what is going on….This Saturday, March 22 at 10 am I am hosting an interactive seminar to show you some warm-ups that you can do before your games, some mobility and stability moves for you to try now to help cut down on first game of the season aches and pains and show you how a few weeks in the gym can speed up getting your game back on track! Sound like fun? Give me a call at 612-202-0448 to reserve your spot! Seminar will be held at Blaine Snap Fitness at 10am (10950 Club West Parkway, suite #200, Blaine Mn 55449
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Your HEALTH on discount?!

hmmmmmm……a little rant this week. “Why don’t you ever put your training packages on sale like so&so?” Every other month I am asked about this when another trainer puts their services on sale. And every month I get just a little more aggitated. Because your health is important. Because if your health is only important to you when it is on sale then you have not placed it very high in your priority list. Has your MD doctor ever run a sale? NO! Why? because when things get really bad you just wont even care what it costs, you will get it fixed! So, why should I discount your health? Keeping healthy or at least getting healthier before big things (cancer, diabetes etc) should be just as high on your list as that awesome coffee drink, cute hat or booty lifting jeans. If you haven’t placed it in that category of importance then you probably won’t follow eerything I have...
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Are you planning a late winter golf getaway? Want to warm up those golf muscles a few weeks before you go so you can enjoy the whole trip not just the first couple of days? Since getting my golf strength specialist certification last year I have enjoyed the raves from my golf clients on how much further their drives are going AND that they aren’t so sore after those first few nights of leagues! For more information on the golf strength programs give me a call or an email Denise Wellik-Peterson 612-202-0448 Just want to know when the next interactive golf seminar is….drop me a line! Start watching as the weather greens up!
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Yep! It is that time of year in Minnesota….it is cold but don’t let that get in the way of your health and fitness goals! Here are some quick tips that have helped me keep my momentum going as it heads into the chilly weather… 1) Put your workout clothes in your car and don’t even go home after work until the workout is done! I know I never go back out of my toasty comfy house once I am home 🙂 2) yep, then your clothes are cold….either take them into work with you so they aren’t 20degrees when you get to the gym or if you have a gym with tanning….just head right into the tanning booth to warm up your clothes! 3) Have an accountability partner who is relying on you to meet them at the gym! 4) No local gym friends? Take a class regularly so the instructor and other regulars miss you (and make you...
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commitment to health event this saturday!

Summer is over, time to buckle down and get back to the gym and work on those fitness and health goals again. To kick it off this Saturday Oct 5 at 930am we have the professional photographer here to take those before pictures (and he’ll be back every few weeks to mark your progress) along with me professionally taking your measurements so you have all kinds of data to go along with the fantastic pictures. Also this saturday we have Mel from Empower Self Defense coming in to talk and demonstrate some moves Hope you can come! Commitment to Health Sat 10/5/13 930am-1015am Blaine Snap Fitness 10950 ClubWest Pkwy Blaine, MN 55040 Call me for details 612-202-0448
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Excitement is building! Golf seminar tonight!

Monday August 5, 2013 interactive seminar is happening at snap fitness Blaine! And I am so excited I am literally shaking right now and it is still 12+ hours away!! It’s not even a public speaking kind of shake, it is that I am so thrilled to be able to share this information with you! We are going to talk about mobility and stability to improve your game before we can even get to the strength and power options!! Folks who have taken my golf fitness programs are loving it too! Jayne has been spending the summer extending her drives so much she has to stop and think which club she should really use; Liz has been able to stop over correcting for her slice and her low back is able to play 18 pain free holes now; and Bob is much more flexible and shoulders are more stable every time he goes out! What will your “aha” moment be?...
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Free Interactive Golf Seminar!

On Monday August 5 at 7pm Golf Strength Specialist Denise Wellik-Peterson will be presenting an interactive seminar including tips to improve not only your functional golf strength but also mobility and stability exercises the pros use to improve their game when they are not on the greens! The seminar will help explain the golfers power coil and how/why if there is a weak link in the power chain you will have a shorter than desired drive! You will learn how to increase your mobility and stamina to have a pain free game and season! And there will be time to try some of the easy to do at home exercises as well as learn and easy on and off the course warm up! Call now to reserve your spot, space can get tight and I want to be sure everyone has time for personal attention! Yours in health, Denise 612-202-0448 Hey! Call me now!
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Just start….

This last week I have found myself posting several articles about eating organic, walking barefoot outside at the same time of the day, having several servings of leafy greens daily, meditation, spontaneous healing and organ regeneration….and on and on. So my mom calls and said, “Denise! What the heck!? How am I supposed to do all of these things you are talking about?” Flashing lightbulb over my head, “aha” moment. You are not supposed to start all of these things at once, just start one and don’t even worry if you are doing it perfectly. Just the act of starting will contribute to your improving health. So why do I post so many options? Because if I just posted one option it may not resonate with you and you won’t start improving your health today, but if I give you several options one of them might profoundly resonate with you and you start doing that one thing immediately and your...
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The Best Personal Trainer in Blaine MN

I have been doing a little updating of my marketing strategies including signage, advertising, brochures, etc. And in my discussions with different advisors and clients one of them called me “the best Personal Trainer in Blaine!” I was flattered and at first wanted to wave off the compliment but then they elaborated on how I had changed their life and how they had seen my workings in the lives of some of my other clients. Some things were seemingly little like a new pants size or improved eating habits but then there was the big stuff. Happier. Healthier. Better family relationships because of better health. Renewed sense of hope. Reduction of medications. Dream Job gotten because of improved self image because of smaller pants. Wow. I am the best trainer! Whatever you do, do it well, do it until someone calls you the best and then go above and beyond that!! Thank you! Denise
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Golf Personal Training Packages available now!!

Hopefully you have been out on the links already this year! How was it? How were you after the game? Are you looking to improve your drive? Just feel like you haven’t been hit by a truck the next day? I have put together a 4 week/8 session training package that focuses specifically on your golf muscles! Improving your explosive strength, your balance and your core so they all work together to improve your game! There is a lot of season left…..let’s make the most of it! 8. 30 minute golf specific personal training sessions is only $297!! Call Denise at 612-202-0448 to set up your consultation
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