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home with the girls….

Happy president’s day! a day home with the kids…..already several fires put out, screaming stopped and teenage drama halted. A lot like many diet and exercise routines….teenagers. It’s all or nothing, everyone loves them or hates them, they are acing a course or failing it completely. Never any middle ground….you know, no comprominses, no I like you but you aren’t my favorite person and certainly no “b” on the report card. Diets; on them or off of them, eating your 15 servings of fruits and vegetables or only eating pizza and mt dew with a box of chocolates on the side. What about a slice of pizza with a large side salad and a glass of water and 2 pieces of chocolate for dessert? Exercise; either its training and 5 cardio classes every week or it’s 5 hours of tv every night…..what about training (ok I am biased here) and 2 cardio classes and 2 nights of walking the dog...
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it is “fat tuesday”……

what does it mean for you? are you whooping it up in anticipation of giving something up for the next 40 days? are you getting ready to do something you don’t paticularly like for the next 40 days? does giving something up for a higher power give you mre willpower? or does knowing it is only 40 days? is it just a time to re-start those new years resolutions? me? I am not sure……but I think this year I am giving up processed foods…… happy fat tuesday!!
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geez……I need a trainer!

I have been working on adding some updates to my site….maybe you noticed I corrected some spelling (thanks girls) and added some testimonials from some awesome clients!! thing is computers scare me and so I work on them as infrequently as possible, which of course feeds into the fear and frustration and cycles into the “I am not doing that again anytime soon” mentality which of course leads into the “I have no idea what I am doing” thoughts…….hmmmmmm, good thing I have a web person to call and walk me through it! I am sure if i met with her once a week this would get easier. aaahaaaaa! this is what it is like for people entering the gym for the first time in a long time….. hope to see you soon!
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Happy New Year!

When you are ready to get serious, let me know….I am here to hold you accountable to your goals! Not sure if training is right for you? I now have an introductory 3 pack of trains for $149 call for the details
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“After the Holidays I will start…”

REALLY!!?! I really dislike this excuse for not starting to live healthier now!  And I have already started hearing it this year….Good grief! as of today there are still 68 days left of 2012, 1/5 of the year is still here,  conservatively speaking this is 30 more workouts and 200 more meals but only 5 days of Holidays! This means there are far more opportunities to live healthy yet in 2012.  If you were to choose to eat more veggies or drink more water for the rest of the year maybe you wouldn’t gain the traditional 10# between Thanksgiving and New Years….wouldn’t that be nice?  And if you didn’t gain those extra pounds think what different resolutions you could make in January. Think about it…”the holidays” are only a few days of the year, let’s get going now to make you healthier today! love and health to you Denise
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Fall classes and rainy day stuff

It’s raining and I don’t feel like getting wet or cold or going out in the dark…..sound familiar? Heck I use these excuses and I am at the gym! So what’s a good way to beat these excuses? Accountability! To each other, to a group, to an instructor, if you have to….to your pocketbook…. CLASSES! Find some group fitness classes that fit into your schedule and then write them in on your calendar, no relying on memory at least until you have found the class you can’t live without! The beauty of regularly attending classes is that you get to know the instructor and if they are great instructors they notice when you are missing and make a point of chatting another time.  Also there are the other participants, get to know them, find out their names and say “hi” each time, pretty soon you have some bonds going there too that you want to make sure you come frequently...
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Testing again!

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Now Get Going Videos

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A time of change

October…the trees are changing color, the weather is turning cold, I am having to clear my car windows now before I leave in the morning, there is squash at the farmers markets and the apples are extra crisp…. and my world is changing….as I am changing what I look at what i look at is changing…i just read that quote today and wish I had remembered who originally said it but i was off thinking about what I was looking at….my daughters who I definitely have to look up to look in the eye, my focus in my work, my refocus on my dreams and as I track where I am in relation to my goals they start to move…for instance, I met with my 401k financial guy 2 weeks ago to talk about my 5 year plan to move to an island, since then I have chosen not to purchase  a large mirror for my home for 2 reasons;...
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My Mini-Rant….take it or leave it, I’ll still love you

  September 2, 2012.     Well you have probably guessed that website stuff is not my favorite thing, but thanks to my awesome kids and wonderful computer guy I will get better! So I find it enlightening that in helping others my own questions are answered….you know, when you are having a conversation about how they should handle something and that is the same thing you have been struggling with for months….I don’t have to be perfect, I am just going to write what I am thinking about, either you will like it and come back or you won’t.
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