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A snow day!!!

The second snow day this spring! I am hoping with this heavy snow you all took a few minutes to warm up and to cool down before and after shoveling….big time heart attack snow here!!! If you are not in shape for it please take it slow and easy or hire a neighborhood kid to do it!
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Phone Interview With Business Coach Liz Uram

The other day I did a phone interview with my fabulous Business Coach Liz Uram from the Coach and Mentor Group…give it a listen for some awesome health tips to get you started on your goals NOW!! Liz can be reached at or 612-961-9801
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golf seminar this saturday!

did you hear I am doing an interactive golf seminar on saturday at 1045 am at Snap Fitness Blaine and that it is totally free and open to everyone(no need to be a member to check it out!)?? I am going to be covering basic strength, flexibility and core exercises specific to golf. We will be practicing th moves to make sure you have them down so you don’t get injured and there will be some great giveaways and specials!! Pass it on to the golfer in your life! Thanks!! Denise
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do you do this?

So I have been eating “clean” for quite a while, desserts in extreme moderation, no wheat or dairy and even cut the eggs for a couple weeks just to see what it might do…..well! yesterday I had a meltdown… my head things like, “it’s just one piece, what can it hurt? im sure this really wont affect how I feel.” all ran through my head. guess what?! Today I know why I avoid these foods on a regular basis! first, my skin hurt….HURT. Second, muffin top appeared in hours (not overnight, just a few hours) Third, my flakey head returned (dandruff is a sign of food intolerance/allergy) Fourth, my ears hurt…like an ear infection. Fifth, I was producing mucus like I have never produced mucus (another sign of food issues) Sixth, swollen feet and hands, achy joints too And, Finally, I felt like I had a massive hangover this morning! I didn’t want to get out of bed even after...
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Spring Training Programs!!

I am so excited about a few new Spring Training Programs I am putting together for you! Golfers! Mother Nature has extended the pre-season! Let’s take the time to add some explosiveness to your drives! or maybe just some endurance for the 18 hole walk! Gardeners! Prep for Planting time is here!! the seed catalogues are arriving by the bushel, the nurseries are sending out emails and gardens are being mapped out as you read! I bet you have already forgotten about last year’s stiff legs, sore shoulders and back that laid you up for a week! Let’s make this year different…let’s get thos muscles strong before the snow melts, build endurance for the yardwork, and increase flexibility to help ward off soreness and recover quicker from marathon weeding weekends! Weekend Warriors! Bike races, 5k’s and 10k’s are here! Races have been planned and some already run! But maybe you want to add a little burst of speed those last...
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spring? is that you?

some exciting things going on this month, my favorite being SPRING!!!! And with spring comes spring cleaning….but this is a fitness site….aaaaahhhhh, a spring cleaning for the body! I personally am planning a week of all raw veggies and a few fruits with an add on of extra nettle tea! why? to give my bod a break from all the other not so great things I have been feeding it over the winter, all the comfort food and beverages that my liver and colon wish I would have stayed away from….time to start fresh like the earth!! If you want some guidance or support while you ring in spring give me a call, lets get it planned…..the last thing you want to do is say you are starting a week of raw tomorrow only to discover te crisper drawer bare! what will you be doing to ring in spring?
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home with the girls….

Happy president’s day! a day home with the kids…..already several fires put out, screaming stopped and teenage drama halted. A lot like many diet and exercise routines….teenagers. It’s all or nothing, everyone loves them or hates them, they are acing a course or failing it completely. Never any middle ground….you know, no comprominses, no I like you but you aren’t my favorite person and certainly no “b” on the report card. Diets; on them or off of them, eating your 15 servings of fruits and vegetables or only eating pizza and mt dew with a box of chocolates on the side. What about a slice of pizza with a large side salad and a glass of water and 2 pieces of chocolate for dessert? Exercise; either its training and 5 cardio classes every week or it’s 5 hours of tv every night…..what about training (ok I am biased here) and 2 cardio classes and 2 nights of walking the dog...
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it is “fat tuesday”……

what does it mean for you? are you whooping it up in anticipation of giving something up for the next 40 days? are you getting ready to do something you don’t paticularly like for the next 40 days? does giving something up for a higher power give you mre willpower? or does knowing it is only 40 days? is it just a time to re-start those new years resolutions? me? I am not sure……but I think this year I am giving up processed foods…… happy fat tuesday!!
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geez……I need a trainer!

I have been working on adding some updates to my site….maybe you noticed I corrected some spelling (thanks girls) and added some testimonials from some awesome clients!! thing is computers scare me and so I work on them as infrequently as possible, which of course feeds into the fear and frustration and cycles into the “I am not doing that again anytime soon” mentality which of course leads into the “I have no idea what I am doing” thoughts…….hmmmmmm, good thing I have a web person to call and walk me through it! I am sure if i met with her once a week this would get easier. aaahaaaaa! this is what it is like for people entering the gym for the first time in a long time….. hope to see you soon!
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Happy New Year!

When you are ready to get serious, let me know….I am here to hold you accountable to your goals! Not sure if training is right for you? I now have an introductory 3 pack of trains for $149 call for the details
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