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Dear Denise– Week 1, week 2, week 3…WTH? Why can’t I just eat and exercise however I want to, whenever I want to?  This breaking it up weekly is so hard. –Over it in Oslo Dear Over it— You’re right!  It is challenging.  It’s new.  And you can totally eat and exercise however you want...
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The Sexy Unsexy Life
Lose 30 pounds in 30 days! 20 inches in a month, gone! Walk 500 miles in 2020! New Year, New You! What . The . Actual. F#$%? Why?  Why do I have to start over?  What if I don’t really need to lose 30 pounds?  20 inches, what does that even mean?  And 500 miles!! ...
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toothpaste and fitness
     Ever had something you’ve been thinking about for a while and then all the sudden you just need to do it right now? Well for quite a while I have been wanting to spice up my wall that I do a lot of workout videos in front of…and by spice, I mean GLITTER!! ...
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the end of the year is near
  You know…fall into fitness?  Get Hot for the Holidays?  Haven’t reached your New Year’s goals yet?  Time to double down, the end of the year is near!  The kids are back in school, time to get back to the gym! Which is quickly met with…BUT THE HOLIDAYS…I’LL START AGAIN IN JANUARY! A quick check in...
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This this month our IntenSati series is about having plenty.  Focusing on what we DO have, not all the things we think we should have but don’t.   When we focus on what is lacking in our lives, we attract more lack, ever noticed its when you’ve got no money laying around that your car...
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So I’ve been a Personal Trainer for nearly 14 years. I have been in and out of multiple gyms in that time, heck sometimes even in a week. I have gone through at least a billion pairs of black gym pants. I have forgotten a ton of stuff. But the one thing I’ll never forget...
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I asked the trainer at the old gym for a recommendation of a new gym. He looked at me a minute and said, “you don’t strike me as a Bally’s girl, there’s a Powerhouse Gym in that area, check that out.” I did. Muscle gym. And they were relocating so I was put off for...
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Turns out I was able to walk those 2 laps around the airport during my break. And most days after that whenever I had a break I would walk anywhere from 2-4 laps. Step 2, eat better. I got a book…..wish I still had it so I could see my journey even more but I...
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I am soooooooooo excited! We are heading out for our annual two week vacation to the Caribbean! While my bags aren’t packed (yet) I have an extensive list of what to bring (multiple swimsuits, throw away books, sunscreen….), what not to bring (strappy shoes, long pants….) and what needs to get accomplished before we go...
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“What!? I’m a grown adult, I don’t need your permission.” Well guess what, maybe you do. Have you ever changed something that you have been doing so long that no one around you takes you seriously? Or you are met with a ton of resistance so you go back to whatever you were doing before?...
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