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Dear Denise, I am trying to be the best guy ever to my lady but she’s driving me crazy!  Every night she can’t answer what she wants for dinner or what to do on the weekend and then I make plans and she “doesn’t feel like it!!” How can I read her? –Confused in Kentucky...
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Dear Denise– Week 1, week 2, week 3…WTH? Why can’t I just eat and exercise however I want to, whenever I want to?  This breaking it up weekly is so hard. –Over it in Oslo Dear Over it— You’re right!  It is challenging.  It’s new.  And you can totally eat and exercise however you want...
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Dear Denise, Turns out eating out every night isn’t great for weight loss or hot flashes. Also, I hate cooking!  Those memes about the hardest part of being an adult is figuring out what to cook every night….that’s me! How do you do all those things like seed cycling, warm & cool foods and fasting? ...
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Dear Denise, I am exhausted and even though it is midnight I can’t sleep.  I go to bed and my mind is so busy. Suddenly my alarm goes off and it feels like I only got to sleep 2 minutes earlier. I chug soda and coffee all day just to put one foot in front...
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Dear Denise, Please help!  I’ve always eaten moderately and walked.  My weight has been stable for years and in the last 6 months I’ve suddenly gained 20 pounds.  I look 5 months pregnant! I tried running for a while but kept gaining weight. I cut my meals in half and I’m still gaining weight!   Help!...
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The Sexy Unsexy Life
Lose 30 pounds in 30 days! 20 inches in a month, gone! Walk 500 miles in 2020! New Year, New You! What . The . Actual. F#$%? Why?  Why do I have to start over?  What if I don’t really need to lose 30 pounds?  20 inches, what does that even mean?  And 500 miles!! ...
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Do you ever read a line from a book and it just stops you, makes you go back and read it a couple more times and then just have to think about it? I was reading, “The Virgin Diet” by JJ Virgin a few years ago and quite honestly had a couple of those moments. ...
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Just got off the phone with a client who opened his garage door to head to our appointment only to discover that a total stranger had parked in his driveway, blocking him in. There is no room to back around and deal with this later. He is stuck where he stands until this unknown driver...
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  Does it taste good? The making of a veggie lover! What kind of question is that? Taste is subjective. What I I find absolutely delicious another person may find terrible. What I find terrible today I may find fantastic next week…..look at a toddler being introduced to new foods; new parents are always being...
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