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Invisible woman
Dear Denise, Menopause and it’s hormonal upsets have taken so much away (joy, happiness…)  I am starting to feel deprived.  What can I add to feel better as my hormones shift? -Add it up in Anchorage Dear Anchorage, I hear you!  I’ve spent years trying to crowd out the “bad stuff” by adding in a...
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Stuck in a rut? Tired of the same old same old for supper every week? Shampoo just not doing it for your hair anymore? Clothes just not looking right? Ready for a change but everywhere you go you see the same stuff that got you stuck? Shop somewhere else. That’s right, go to a store...
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So….we are talking about the invisibility factor of turning 53 in the American Female. Anything from not being consulted on a project to not being flirted with at the coffeeshop. We’ve been examining how this happens, how we as females contribute to the phenomenon and how we can take back our radiance. Think back to...
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Ok, up front and in full disclosure….I am in sales….so I regularly ask, “who do you know?” Referrals are the way of business. So I am chatting about how I am growing my business and ask this wonderful woman who she knows. I get a blank stare. I continue that I am really wanting to...
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