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Dear Denise, I just turned 48 and feel like my life is over. My kids don’t need me, I’m just going through the motions of getting up, going to work, come home, make supper, tv, bed… No grandkids in sight. Retirement is forever away. And TBH, this spare tire around my middle is weighing me...
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My scary drive First….I made it out! Second, bear with me during the lead up, this really does relate to fitness! So this past weekend I met my sister at the Mall of America. 1) I hate driving in “the cities” proper. 2) My former MoA security guard daughter says the parking lots have more...
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I’m just angry How dumb can I get? How lazy can I be? Seriously, could I be just a little organized? What is happening to me? Why do I keep sabotaging myself? My physical goals. My business goals. My LIFE goals. STOP. STOP. STOP. I know better. This negative language does not serve me. It...
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Weird stuff. Had to figure out my style. Had to figure out if I could make a living at this. I got hurt at the airport. Not a kinda, sorta hurt…..the kind that puts you on workmans comp for a long time. I got further training in the fitness world, picked up quite a few...
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I asked the trainer at the old gym for a recommendation of a new gym. He looked at me a minute and said, “you don’t strike me as a Bally’s girl, there’s a Powerhouse Gym in that area, check that out.” I did. Muscle gym. And they were relocating so I was put off for...
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Moved out. Found a gym. Didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Did my free session with a trainer, got a nutrition menu (still have it…..wow I have evolved) Good news, I only eat what’s on the menu because I’m too broke to buy anything additional. Great news, there’s a daycare at the gym...
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Oops! I’ve been back now for 2 weeks and people are asking how my prep all ended up…..so here’s the recap. So here is a blurb from the prep blog: Finally, I visualize and journal my vacation. Yes, for real. I see myself ordering room service coffee, sitting out on the balcony meditating. Then heading...
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