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Dear Denise, Menopause and it’s hormonal upsets have taken so much away (joy, happiness…)  I am starting to feel deprived.  What can I add to feel better as my hormones shift? -Add it up in Anchorage Dear Anchorage, I hear you!  I’ve spent years trying to crowd out the “bad stuff” by adding in a...
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HABIT: A settled or regular tendency or practice especially one that is hard to give up. RITUAL: A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. Life is a series of habits, some firmly ingrained through frequent practice, some that come and go with life or the...
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Dear Denise, First, I am only 36, I just got married a few years ago and my kiddos are small!  I am too young for menopause. AND, would these short workouts and seed cycling, carb cycling and fasting etc work for me?  They seem very doable in my crazy life. –Pondering in Peoria Dear Pondering,...
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Dear Denise- I’ve been following you for awhile, love your truth bombs. And everything you say is super easy but I’m just not getting results. My New Year’s resolution was to do all your suggestions.  How long do I need to do all this stuff to feel better? –Wanting to Feel Better in Phoenix Dear...
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