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You don’t have to give up your favorite jeans just because you’re over 40!

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Hormone Cheat Sheet

Especially for women over 40

One thing I hear daily from women over 35 is that the things they used to do to lose weight and fit in their jeans no longer works.

They try to workout like they did in their 20s and it’s not getting them the same results.

They sometimes eat even “better” than they used to, and they’re continuing to slowly pack on unexplained inches around the middle, AND develop acne, night sweats and anxiety.

Grrrrrrrrrrr.  I get it. This can be beyond frustrating.

The reason has to do with aging and hormones.  BUT more importantly, it’s because as we age, we have to change our strategy.  We have to take into account the way our bodies now respond (or don’t) to the routines we did in our younger years.


There’s plenty we can still do… by taking a different approach.

And so I created the FREE Hormonal Solution 3x3x3 Cheat Sheet, the ultimate solution to real results past the age of 35.  In it, I’ll be addressing the real dial movers, the things that create change long term.

What most programs miss is the physical and mental stress that keeps our hormones in fat storage mode, often believing that more time on the dreadmill and fewer calories is the answer.

Doesn’t work that way anymore.

Other programs stick us in a one size fits all program for weight loss, but after hours of cardio and days of 1000 calories, we know this is not the answer.  It’s not working anymore.

And so, if you are ready to take a new, different and FINAL approach, I’ll be teaching all my best stuff for hormonal fat loss in this FREE cheat sheet.

I am super excited to share Hormonal Solutions 3x3x3 Program with you!!

3 prongs of effective solutions with 3 more strategies to help you move the dial on the hormonal craziness.

Get your cheat sheet now and prepare for meltdown.

Let me know if you have any questions!

What is covered?

  • The 3 big dial movers to hormonal shifts; Stress, Exercise and Nutrition
  • Stress: the best stress reduction techniques, guaranteed there will be a few you’ll love
  • Exercise: The 3 prongs for weight loss including strength, sprint and strolls
  • Nutrition: What to do daily and Monthly to work with your hormones instead of swimming up stream every month
  • How to get started and the best way to ease into a lifestyle that will have you looking and feeling great no matter what day of the month it is
  • The complete how-to guide to hormonal stability
  • based on years of research working with clients both online and in the gym

FREE Hormone Solution 3x3x3 Cheat Sheet

You don't have to give up your favorite jeans just because your 40!