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High-Intensity Group Fitness Classes

I teach several group fitness classes each week for individuals who are not interested in or able to participate in personal training sessions with me. Most classes occur at Anytime Fitness in Ham Lake, and include:

  • IntenSati, a 45-minute high-cardio body and mind workout
  • Cardio Kickboxing, a 60-minute high-intensity cardio and toning routine

Personal Training - Lifestyle Changes

IntenSati: Mondays at 6:30 pm at Anytime Fitness and

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm at Total Health and Healing Center

(Total Health and Healing Center 11417 Hanson Blvd NW, CoonRapids, MN 55433  $15 at the door)

IntenSati: Movement + Mantras = Creating Magic

True fitness success comes from a combination of body and mind work. That is where IntenSati comes in. This unique 45-minute fitness workout uses moves pulled from yoga, boxing and dance and combines those moves with positive mantras and meditative practice.

You WILL sweat! This is a low impact, high cardio fitness routine. You will exercise your arms, abs, legs, and every other muscle in your body during this workout. While this program is based on moves from boxing, dance and yoga, you’ll find you don’t need your yoga mat or your boxing gloves. What you will need is an open mind and a readiness to WORK.

You WILL be inspired! Your mind is a muscle, and you will exercise it heavily during this workout. By saying positive thoughts out loud in time with movement, you are giving truth and substance to those statements. The goal is to have you end the routine feeling empowered to take control of your life for a happier, healthier future.

Cardio Kickboxing: Saturdays at 8:30 am

604064_594076590606738_540079026_nDuring this 60-minute workout, you will participate in some of the most sweat-inducing fun you’ve ever experienced. And there’s no punching air when you’re in my class. I provide you with mitts so you get to really hit something and build strength. What’s more, you’ll continue to condition your brain due to the mental agility required by the various aspects of this routine.

Are you not sure if you’re ready for cardio kickboxing? Inexperience should never stop you. I will teach you the proper techniques to hitting and kicking, and also provide you with the protective gear so you don’t get hurt. The goal here is to get in shape and have fun while you’re doing it. So come check it out!

Check Out One or Do ‘Em All!

You can stop by and try out one session for $20 to get a feel for how I keep you energized and empowered. If you still aren’t sure based off of the information here, I encourage you to call me at 612-202-0448 or to send me a quick email.

Most classes occur at Anytime Fitness in Ham Lake, located at 1460 133rd Lane NE Suite B. I look forward to seeing you soon!