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Cycle Tracker Download

Cycle Tracker Download

You Cannot Change What You Do Not Know

Why do you even want to track your cycle?

  • Seemingly effortless weight loss
  • Improve your sleep
  • Increase your libido
  • Lessen brain fog
  • Know when you can/cannot get pregnant

So you can….

  • Lose weight with your hormones support
  • Have better/stronger orgasms
  • Improve your memory
  • Reduce your toxic load
  • Improve your social life
  • Reduce your stress
  • Improve your metabolism
  • Reduce/eliminate your PMS
  • Eliminate cycle based migraines
  • Be more you again!!

How do I do that?

  • Tracking your symptoms is a great start!
  • In this easy to use and cusotomize download I have listed many (but not all) symptoms you might experience, list your most common ones and then start tracking them!
  • Be sure to make a list of how you feel at the beginning of each month(ie: waking at 1am daily, terrible cramps, zero libido and again at the end of the month..)
  • In a few cycles/months you will see a pattern emerge helping you clearly identify where you are in your hormone cycle.

Then what….

  • First of all you don’t need to wait to have a few months of data to make changes.
  • Start making cycle based changes to your eating and exercise routines Now!
  • See the changes in you, your health and your body!
  • Be more you again!!


What you can expect…

The women that have used this tracker have been amazed at how much food they are able to eat and still lose weight.  They are ecstatic at how well they are sleeping and how in the flow they are when they are honoring their cycles.

As with starting any new habit, the first cycle or 2 will require some extra thought and effort but once you have gotten the system down you will be quickly amazed at how easy your midsection melts and your sleep rejuvenates!

What you get…

  • Beautifully designed monthly tracking sheets that are easily customizable with your cycle symptoms
  • Hormone Cycle map and list of potential symptoms of hormonal disruption
  • Cycle map and tracker sheet
  • Monthly habit trackers to use as you implement changes to improve your cycle


Hey there!  I am Denise, I help women shift their minds and bodies to a healthy place as they enter a new and often bewildering stage of life commonly known as “the change.”  A time when bodies, minds and sleep are no longer predictable.  But with a few easy shifts in food, exercise and stress reduction they can once again feel alive, sexy and rested.

I am an empty nester relishing in the next chapter of life.  Just like my clients, I want to continue to live, travel and enjoy this age even more than the last.  No hours at the gym or stressing over every bite.  Just live a life of purpose.

I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 20 years and in the last 8 shifted my focus to women with hormonal changes, especially those of menopause.  It is so exciting to see these women realize their strength, power and energy is completely in their control once again!

What women are saying about The #UseYourCycle Protocols

“I’m utterly amazed at the person staring back at me in the mirror.  I have lost weight and inches, but more amazingly, I feel so good. :

“For the first time in 30 years I have started to lose weight.”

“Scale says I’m down 10 pounds.”

“I feel so light, so energetic…this is wonderful.”

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