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Fitness in your 40s and Beyond

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I talk to women everyday through their tears of frustration as they tell me how many hours they’re spending in the gym, how little food they’re eating and how many pounds they’ve gained as they are switching to stretchy pants and shirts with sleeves to accommodate their ever expanding belly and bat wings.

I knew it was imperative that I create the Fitness in your 40s quiz.

This is the ultimate checklist (short of a doctors blood work) to quickly help women determine where they likely are in their hormonal journey.

What most women don’t realize is how much hormones change as we age and how each shift can so drastically affect the effectiveness of their diets and workouts.

Most trainers (and I am embarrassed to say I was one of them until a few years ago) tell women they’re obviously slacking , they’ve got to double down on the dreadmill while cutting out all of the foods they love.  And no matter what the woman says, the trainer insists they must be cheating.  

But we know this just isn’t the case.  I’ve had 100s of women show me their food and exercise logs, their calorie calculating apps and their history of weigh ins, usually showing me they are masters of calorie counting that have gained 20+ pounds in 5 months or less.

I am so excited to introduce the Fitness in your 40s and beyond quiz.  In a matter of minutes you will be able to pinpoint where you are on your hormone journey AND how to adjust your workouts to create the best fat melting environment FOR YOU!

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You’ll have the tools to tailor your workouts to your unique body chemistry!

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Fitness in your 40s and beyond

Tailor your workout to your unique body