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Habit Helpers for Women over 40


Habit Helpers

for Women over 40       


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    Yep…if you want to get something new you have to do something different…

    Aaaaaand all those other New Years quotes…you’ve seen them…

    Insert them here (I don’t want to type all day)

    But we’ve repeatedly tried all of the tricks and tips to make those new year’s resolutions to stick…but have we?

    In my “track the actions not the results” mindset I shift the emphasis off of the end goal (losing 10 pounds) to what are the actions I need to do to lose 10 pounds (walk a mile a day, lift heavy weights, eat 30 g of fiber).


    WHY track the actions?

    Because if we continue to track results like, ‘I only lost a pound this month’ without tracking the actions then we are not in control, we are at the mercy of the goal deities.  But as soon as we switch to tracking the actions, now we have conrol.  We can see that we only took 1 walk a week, we didn’t get to the end goal so now we can tweak the actions and next month we try 2 walks a week and so on…until we see what is moving us closer to our goals.

    And here are the tracking sheets I (and hundreds of clients) have used over the years to get them success with their countless goals (lose weight, add muscle, get a new degree, self care, you name it, it has been tracked).

    Is it different than nearly everything we’ve been taught? YEP.

    Be sure to grab today’s habit helper tracking sheets to start getting rapid results!

    Hey there!  I am Denise, I help women shift their minds and bodies to a healthy place as they enter a new and often bewildering stage of life commonly known as “the change.”  A time when bodies, minds, sleep and sex are no longer predictable.  But with a few easy shifts in food, exercise and stress reduction they can once again feel alive, sexy and rested.

    I am an empty nester relishing in the next chapter of life.  Just like my clients, I want to continue to live, travel and enjoy this age even more than the last.  Complete with romantic dates and wild nights.

    I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 21 years and in the last 8 shifted my focus to women with hormonal changes, especially those of menopause.  It is so exciting to see these women realize their strength, power and sexuality is completely in their control once again!


    This is going to serve you for the rest of your life.

    Information you can keep using all your life.